Saturday, May 09, 2009

Deactivating Your Facebook Account, Why Not??

Recently I have deactivated my facebook account. Yeah, somehow I just want to do it. Maybe I just don't want to be the one who's addicted too much with this social networking site. And it works...

For you who want to try to deactivate your facebook account, you can do this steps as follow:
  1. First of all, log in to your facebook account
  2. Find "setting" and choose the "account setting" so that you find a list of setting menu
  3. Look for "Deactivate account" and click on "deactivate"
  4. Next, you are in the deactivation page, where you can choose one reason "Why are you deactivating". My suggest, you could choose
  5. "This is temporary, I'll be back" (if you're not strong enough to remove facebook from your life) and
  6. never mark the option "opt out of receiving future emails from facebook" if you still want receive updates from the groups that you're joined, invitation, and others, by the time you want to start to use facebook again
  7. If you have made your decision, click on "Deactivate my account"
  8. And you'll go to the Security Check Page where you have to type two security words, click on submit
  9. Remember that once you're submitting the security code, you'll get yourself has deactivated your own facebook account
  10. You'll receive an email notification of your facebook deactivation process

Ok... that's all for tonight.. have a nice weekend without facebook like me.

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