Thursday, October 30, 2008

RI, Thai Airforces Joint Execises in Pekanbaru Was Closed

Pekanbaru, the 14th joint exercises between the Indonesian Air Force (AU) and the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) was closed today in Pekanbaru.

A spokesman for information and library at the Pekanbaru airbase, Major Sus Dede Nasrudin, said this joint exercises was an annual routine program of the two countries. This exercises was started from October 20th to 30th of 2008. Mayor Dede Nasrudin explained, in this Thainesia Eagle exercises, there are six of Hawk 100/200 which is commanded by the Commander of th 12th Air Skuadron, Liutenant Colonel Flight Nana Resmana.

Whereas the RTAF came to pekanbaru with their six Alphajet 0027 from 231st Udon Tani Airbase Squadron of Thailand. RTAF was lead by Liutenant Colonel Dithipeng.

After this exercises, Indonesia and Thailand will continue their task to secure the malaka strait.

By the way, this exercise, maybe one of the cause of many delayed flight on the SSK II Airport Pekanbaru on these couple days.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Are The Youth of Indonesia

Youth promises is not just a statement or declaration. It is representing how's youth could take part in changing this country faith. It is a symbol of unity and its spirit that's inspired many youth movement to strikes back the colonial of Dutch at that time. Years after that moment, when the President Sukarno, Suharto, and also Abdurahman Wahid was so dictated and somehow they were becoming to disobey the Constitution, the youth was proofing that they were still in the mission of changing agent.

Dear People,
Eighty years ago, the youth congress was held. This is a historical moment of our country, our nation, and of course our faith. It was a moment that is never the last to remember in our country history. Because it was a milestone for the unity of Indonesia, that we are now live in The Nation of One Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Surely, it was started from the 1928Th youth congress.

The phenomenal youth promise was resulted on the second youth congress, in 1928. This promise contained 3 points of declaration which are:
  • PERTAMA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mengakoe Bertoempah Darah Jang Satoe, Tanah Indonesia.
  • KEDOEA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mengakoe Berbangsa Jang Satoe, Bangsa Indonesia.
  • KETIGA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mendjoendjoeng Bahasa Persatoean, Bahasa Indonesia.
The participant of the Second Youth Congress were coming from many youth organization that were existed at that time such as Jong Java, Jong Ambon, Jong Celebes, Jong Batak, Jong Sumatranen Bond, Jong Islamieten Bond, PPI, etc. Beside them, the Chinese Youth were also came to this congress as an independent representative.

Dear People
Right now, the challenges that we face on are quite complicated. So do the President Yudhoyono speak on the same tone, especially for the hits of global crisis. What could we do? Indonesia is in the middle of the crisis. We couldn't run away, we could only hope for the worst and expect for nothing. Hope for the worst is to prepare our self. Whereas expect for nothing, is to make us not to expect anything. So when the bad things happened, the world would not over yet and we still could thanks to God while the good things are also happened in our country.

What do we need right now to help this Country out of the crisis? While the government is making many solution (whether it was effective or not), the people should be in the government side to support their policy. So do the politician, business practitioner, and also economist should control the statement. Because, it isn't your time for talking. Every element has to do a hard work right now by firstly defining their own role in this social living. This is also for the youth. Sometimes the youth like to yell on the road for people and kicking the fence of governor building. But sometimes the youth should do something different and useful with any research, journal, etc. that would become the prototype for any nowadays problems. Lets get the spirit of youth and don't let them sleep again.

Youth promises, please stay in history of Indonesia

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Telkom Institute of Technology Graduation

Yesterday, 25Th October 2008, Telkom Institute of Technology just held their Graduation Day for the post graduated and the fresh graduated students. The event was located in Multipurpose Building of Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung.There were about 600 students attending this graduation party. They came to Bandung with their family, friends, and most of them are their parents.

Me and My Parents

Me and my parents were also attending this party. While my mom had arrived at Jakarta on Tuesday, Me and my father were departed from Pekanbaru at Friday. We were arrived at the afternoon and as usual, it is a rush hour time for any traffic on Jakarta. We took a rest for a while and the trip was started at 10 pm. We were arrived on Bandung at 2 am after midnight. and then we were stayed at Majesty Hotel Bandung for about 4 hours. Because we were leaving the hotel and heading to Dayeuhkolot at 6 am.

Back to the main discussion, the graduation day of Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom) was started at 9 am. The list of programs were:
  1. Opening Procession to the Senate Meeting Proceeding
  2. Speech from the Rector of IT Telkom
  3. Oration Speech
  4. Graduation
  5. Speech from BOD of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, TBK (Mr. Arif Yahya)
  6. Speech from the Coordinator of Private University, Directorate of Higher Education
  7. Reward Session
  8. Closing Ceremony of Senate Meeting Proceeding

The event was took about 4 hours and the longest part is the Graduation procession. Because the protocol have to call the graduated students by their name and one by one. Information Department was the last to be called but it wasn't a big deal after all because one of the students was yelling "put in the black box" which is spontaneously answered by the others with "if INF then FORMAT do TIKA, Right!! Informatika The Best Yes!!!". Wow, It was a quite long and also the most narcis yell ever. Despite of that, all of the graduated students were absolutely happy to have this historical moment in their life, unexceptionally me.

Congratulations for you all friends, so long and thanks for all the good things after all these years.


Monday, October 20, 2008

University of Riau EXPO 2008

Penandatanganan MoU antara UNRI dan PT. Camrifone
disaksikan oleh Hewlet Packard (hp)

Pekanbaru Tribune

Pekanbaru-Today, the University of Riau (UR) start to held an event called EXPO 2008 on their Campus. This is the first EXPO ever in history of UR that combined the role of research's spirit in the academic institution with the innovation of world nowadays technology in many field such as industry, medic, government, and also agriculture. In my opinion, I believe this event is a great milestone for UR as the Education Institute in Riau, which is lies on Sumatera Island.

UR EXPO 2008 will take about six days participation, which is started from yesterday, October 20 and will be closed on October 25. This Event that has involved participants from many business sector will show us about how's the Indonesia Education get involve with the "industries need" research and of course the right of intellectual property (HAKI). As the result, we may know UR EXPO 2008 should be the kind of Event that could trigger the spirit of research, to invent, and in the end they have a right to make the patent of their invention of course.

Cyber Campus
One of the important issues that exposed by the organizer is the development of Cyber Campus. University, as the place for the intellectual people, should be a good incubator for any implementation of high tech uses, especially in this ICT era. This place must be the first to know, about what's new in the world today, supported with an ease of access to the information over the world. So, the learning activity, in every country, will be more efficient and effective as the information and knowledge are shared in many media nowadays.

UNRI is the one who want to use the high-tech technology in their environment as they want to be the leader in ICT over the Sumatera Island, as the Rector says in his word. This is something that's not just an idea but it's also a start of revolutionary movement in ICT. Because this step will also trigger the other state-owned universities to take part in the region which is started from UNRI. So, lets write the history for the better future.

Special Thanks to:
Prof. Dr. Ashaludin Djalil MS

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beginner's Talk

Doing your own business is not less interesting than to work at a company. There are challenges that we may get in the way to reach success. Something that would make you do a lot of effort to survive from giving up sometimes as you're in debt, lack of money, or growing your businesses so slow. As the result, you have to face it patiently and fix the problems.

These two things, fixing the problem and being patient, are important in doing businesses. Fixing the problems says that you have to know the problems firstly, break them into sets of small problems, and then fix it problem by problem. The second thing is being patient. Why it's important to us, because it will teach us how life is for businesses. When you're not in a successful job, when your result is not too well while you have try so hard, or maybe when you're in financial problems. At these time, you have to face your life with patient. Because that's the one and only way for you to walk on. Along with your effort to fix your problems.

Beside that, luck is also include in businesses. Even some people believe that luck is the factor of success. Because there are rules where stupid person is defeated by clever person, clever person is defeated by smart person, and the last one is smart person is defeated by lucky person. So, as the result, if we want to success in our businesses we have to be that lucky person. But how to make it? There's no absolute answer. But you may believe, that as long as you are doing many good things to others, you will find the way where that lucky person walk on.

Arki Rifazka

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Recension : Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY

Yesterday, I've just finish reading "Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY". It is a great book. It was given from my uncle at the SBY Nurussalam Dzikir Council (Majelis Dzikir SBY Nurussalam).

Harus Bisa?! Maybe this is the first book to address how the leadership of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), as The 6th President of Indonesia, really are. It includes many stories and most of them are revealed stories, that is viewed from the nearest seat of President SBY, which is the Writer's position.

In this book, Dr. Dino, who is the writer and the Presidency Speaker, came up with another style of writing leadership book. Because the writer was doing leadership research thorough the President of Indonesia. So, the book was not to proof any theories, it just to discuss leadership using practical approach. As the result, there are so many lesson to be learned about being the President of Indonesia.

Two thumbs up for this book!!! Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

"Ever wonder what you'd look like in the past? Upload your photo and see yourself with classic hairdos and outfits through the year of 50's, 60's, etc."
Yes, you can find your other faces back to the year of 50's, 60's, and even 90's at Yearbook Yourself. The idea is to get yourself back in the yearbook which is you never have it before. A very classic yearbook that would make you smile, laugh, or maybe to keep and share it on your social networking.

Actually this site is not a new one. The truth is, I know it from my nephew in Jakarta. Once, when it was after midnight, he was too busy in changing his old school faces in this site. Pretty cool right? Having your faces back to decades of time that you haven't been in the world yet.

So then, after I arrived in Bandung, I also want to try this website. The result is, I am a little bit confused with the things but finally I've already made it. Now I've already mixed my face into couple of old time pictures at yearbook yourself. Want some proof? Here they are:

Back to 1952

Two years after, 1954

Being JFK on 1956

The Boys in 1958

Jumped to a Year Before I Was Born, 1984

What about you? Want to know what's your faces would look like back in decades? Yearbook Yourself then.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to Work and Run

The Long Vacation has passed. Now it's time to get back to work after more than a week of holiday. Well honestly, this lebaran holiday it's feel like a bit too long for me. I have spent a lot of time in Jakarta with many pleasures to many places these holidays. Visiting my sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephew, and others. And one of the progress is meet the "in law" to be (three times Amen).

By the way, I would like to say "Minal aidin Wal Faizin". Please forgive all the mistake between me and you. May God bless us all.

Back to businesses. Yes, I've already come back to Bandung today. Because I have to prepare for my judiciary and my kiosks, which will open after this next couple days. So, here i am, in Bandung, the city where business can run with smiles. Just a joke that mostly right compares to Jakarta.

By this time, me and my friends are discussing about some strategies in breaking the market on this after holidays moment. As you may need to know, our kiosk is located near the Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung. As the result, we are having few enhancements of work days compare to the students activity on their campus. But it doesn't matter after all, because we will have an extra time to spare on students vacation days.

Last but less, the important thing is how to make us ready to run after this long holiday? The answer is will be done, can be done. Gracias and Success for you all!

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