Thursday, August 05, 2010

Graphology Personality

Graphology Personality

Trans7 just stayed up late to watch the program, there was a guest who can read a person's character based on the sign-her hands. This science is called Graphology. So I got curious and started looking for references about Graphology.

Based on information from the Internet, can be found that Graphology is the study of a person's character by analyzing their handwriting. The first book on graphology was written by Camillo Baldi, an Italian physician in 1622. In 1872, Jean Michon published his book which became the principal graphology books at that time. Shortly thereafter, the university of universities in Europe began to give her Ph.D. or Master's degree in this field.

According to research, analysis, graphology accuracy reaches 80-90%. So I think, is good also to make this handwriting analysis as a consideration reflects my character. Thus, the brief reference in graphology analysis that has not been verified by veiled Psychologist, I have tried to interpret how the analysis of characters that can be seen through my writing. And the results are the following:

1. The direction of the slope of the letter
Upright = restraint, emotion is

2. The general form letters
Sharp angle = aggressive, to the point, a strong energy>> in the signature
Round or circular = natural, easygoing>> Handwritten

3. The letters concatenated or not
Fully serialized = social, loves to talk and meet with people>> in the signature
Semidetached some loose = shy, idealistic rather difficult to build relationships (especially special relationships). >> In the handwriting

4. Spacing between words
Meeting / It is not = is not impatient, confident and quick to act>> in the signature
Is strictly = likes to talk (perhaps someone who is always busy?)>> In the handwriting

5. Vertical distance between lines
Enough away so that the letters in the top row does not come into contact with a line under it = extravagant, talkative

6. Interpretation letter 't'
Tend to a personal right = reliable, thorough, able to lead
Height = setting high targets but also be balanced by the ability

7. Direction of writing on paper
Rise / climb = energetic, optimistic, assertive

8. Pressure when writing
Stable pressure>> stabilize emotional intensity

From the above results, there is some analysis that was related to more than one analysis. This is because, writing in the signature style and my daily writing, it has a tendency that is not the same. Maybe because my knowledge of graphology analysis is still very shallow in order to analyze my handwriting. So its results are also relatively fine. :).

Thus this article, hopefully by reading this article, readers can be helped to read their character from the standpoint of Graphology, at this time.



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