Monday, January 19, 2009

HP 6530s Just Arrived on Pekanbaru

HP's Academic Society Notebook "HP 6530s" is just Arrived on Pekanbaru. If any of you have an interest with this product, you may contact me as long as you're a students, lectures, or staff at any University. Because this program only available for the members of Academic Society. Please feel free to review its specification as below:
  1. Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 (1,8 GHz)
  2. Memory : 1 GB (1x1024 MB) Memory
  3. Connectivity : Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-fi Intel IEEE 802.11 a/b/g, Built in Card Reader
  4. Camera : Built-in HP webcam
  5. Battery : 6 Cells battery up to 4 hours time of use
  6. Access : Qwerty Keyboard with Water Spill Resistance, Touchpad
  7. Protection : Nylon Case, 3D DriveGuard, Anti Shock Resistance
  8. Accessories : HP Original Targus Bag, GoodMouse optical mouse
  9. Warranty : 1 Years
you could contact us for further information and order to

This Program is supported by PT. Camrifone


Monday, January 05, 2009

Bandung Emerging Historical City

Bandung, the capital of west java province, has so many historical site and building. Most of them were built at the time when the Dutch Colonial was in Indonesia. They are Gedung Merdeka, the former Concordia Society building; Gedung Sate (satay), formerly the Dutch Government office building; and also Bandung Cathedral, the oldest church in Bandung. These remarkable building were built in line with the colonial government plan to move the capital from Batavia to Bandung.

On this post, I'll give you some pictures of Bandung historical building and the activities near to them recently. Here they are...

Somehow, these hunting session, changed into an amateur reportage of the humanitarian demonstration to curse the Israel's Aggression to Palestine.

Bandung Sea of Humanity Solidarity

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