Saturday, November 29, 2008

Promo: HP Academic Society Notebook - HP Compaq 6530s

The HP Compaq 6530 laptop series is the latest from HP Compaq. There are four new laptops in the HP Compaq 6530 series. Each of these have 14.1-inch WXGA displays (1280×800).They are namely HP Compaq 6530b, HP Compaq 6535b, HP Compaq 6530s, and HP Compaq 6535s. In this blog will be featured Notebooks - HP Compaq 6530s devoted to the Academic Society.

The HP Compaq 6x3x Series is a line of business-class notebooks from HP released in fall of 2008. As it is intended for the business-minded consumers HP has opted to include business-oriented software and features such as their proprietary security Protect Tools and 3D Drive Guard technology that protects the hard drive in the case of accidental drops. The models range in size from 12.1" displays to 17" with options for both Intel and AMD based notebooks.

Differences between Standard and Business Series
In a confusing naming convention, HP's 2008 business laptops are split into two groups: the Business Series which are marked with a "b" at the end of their model names, and the Standard Series which are marked with an "s" at the end of their model names. The s-series notebooks will have options for discrete graphics, nicer screens, etc. that the b-series lacks.

Many of the core features are the same, with the difference coming in ports and graphics technology.

Business Series:
* more connectivity ports
o firewire
o serial
o docking connector
o S-video output
* worse graphic options - limited to integrated X4500 chipset

Standard Series:
* better graphic options
o 4500HD is more powerful than X4500 integrated graphics
o option for dedicated Radeon HD 3430 graphics card

Intel and AMD
HP offers all of it's laptops in both an Intel and AMD flavor. The Intel-based models end with a 30, while the AMD-based models end with a 35.

What about the HP Academic Society devoted Notebook - HP Compaq 6530s?
HP Compaq 6530s would be the combination between business lifestyle, which is focused on security and reliability, with the consumer-minded needs such as more graphic options, nice and clear view, et all.
With expectations, academicians who need high mobility and reliability, can also feel the Consumer features associated with entertainment programs, during their occupation of research, science demands, teaching and also managing institutions.

If you want to know more about HP Academic Society Notebook, you could have the details on this link: HP Compaq 6530s Data Sheet

HP Academic Society Notebook, the 's' series with the 'b' series addition!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Severity Competition in The Telecommunications Business Will End Soon

Telecommunication business competition in Indonesia is very tight. Efforts to win the market by the provocative, teasing, mocking competitors-ads, are likely to become usual in the strategy to attract customers. Even the ads that excoriate each other with one another, have pointed to the chaotic, as occurred in the Sidikalang, North Sumatra. What a pity...

This is one of the example of the things that happens between Telecommunication Operators in Indonesia nowadays

Face to face ads fight has become a phenomenon that quite exciting in Indonesia, as you can see on the picture above.

While, the operators that now exist in Indonesia:
  1. Three
  2. Esia (Bakrie Telecom)
  3. Mentari (Indosat)
  4. IM3
  5. Fren
  6. Hepi
  7. AXIS (Natrindo Telepon Seluler)
  8. SMART (Sinar Mas Grup)
  9. Ceria (Sampurna)
  10. StarOne
  11. TelkomFlexi (Telkom)
  12. Telkomsel
  13. XL
Could you imagine? Dozens of operators to do the provocative maneuver ads. These could be this

As in the illustration above, the chaotic banner ads incident was happened in Sidikalang, North Sumatera. The Chaos between Telkomsel and Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) were related to burning banner ads owned by Telkomsel, whom XL done. As the result, both operator were seated together by The Ministry of Communications and Information (Depkominfo) through the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulation Agency (BRTI), to find resolution of their problems.

As the output of the resolution meeting, it was agreed that, Each telecommunications providers would:
  1. implement efforts to muffle events that have occurred
  2. hold the Top leaders level of telecommunications providers meeting in order to determinate the ethics ads branding.
  3. campaign ad ethics to each employee and the branding Vendors.
  4. review the contract with any branding vendor to the KPI, in order to make ethical ad.
  5. give sanctions to employees and vendors who implement the actions that violate the ethics together.
So, finally these two operator agreed to end peace their ads problem. I'm just thinking, this could be one of the important milestone of Telecommunication Era in Indonesia. Do you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Grab Video from Facebook in Windows Vista

Now, you can download video from Facebook into your Desktop/Laptop easily without using any software.

Generally, all you have to do is get the Facebook video from the cache folder on your Desktop/Laptop.

And The How to?? Are bellow...

A. For Internet explorer Browser
If you are using internet explorer browser, watch full video from facebook,
  • After watching full video, go at Tools> internet options> settings> view files

B. For FireFox Browser in Windows Vista
If you are using FireFox browser, you can get video in FLV format as above in similar ways, as follow...
  • After watching full video, go to your windows explorer, your downloaded video location is -
  • C:\Users\(your login)\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\v89qdp47.default\ (one by one)

And Then (Both For Firefox and IE user),
  1. Find a large size file with long name and unknown type there.
  2. Copy and paste that file at desktop,
  3. rename it as you want it to, and gives the flash video (.flv) extension format, example video.flv
  4. play and enjoy video at your Desktop/Laptop with flv player

PS: If you want to grab video from youtube without any software, you can do it in the same way to this.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Take Care....

His name is Hariman Setiawan, but everyone called him O'onk. He's my best friend of mine. Right now he's preparing to go to Kupang, somewhere on the east of Indonesia. He will work as a DT Engineer for the next 6 months on that city.

O'onk and me were working together, for the first time, in Students Representative Council of Telkom School of Technology (now Telkom Institute of Technology). We were working together as a teammate, as he was the speaker of C Commission while I was the Chairman. So, at least once in a week we were having a coordination meeting. From that time, i know that he is a person with good responsibility.

After we finished our year period in council, we were met several times, also with the other members who were in the council with us. Somehow, me and O'onk decided to build a SOHO business together, and we made it.

The first SOHO that we made was SKB Center, on December 2007. We make our business near to the campus, because we know that campus is a captive market for any business. Moreover, It is Telkom School of Technology makes the market live. And so we go for it!!

Couple months after the SKB Center established, the second SOHO of ours was build. We named it SKB IT Center. Precisely, we built it on August 2008.

Once again, me and O'onk were working together in our second SOHO. On that time, we were sleeping on the floor, share the mattrass, and of course without any bed. The day after that, we were woke up in the morning to open the office and start to work.

By the time is running, me and O'onk finally graduated from Telkom Institute of Technology. While I have to go to pekanbaru, O'onk were stayed in Bandung to manage our SOHO until yesterday he told me that he will go to Kupang on sunday. As he was working as the DT Engineer.

So? Good Luck Hariman Setiawan a.k.a O'onk...

Always remember that stupid person will be defeated by clever person, clever person will be defeated by the smart person. And the last one, you shouldn't forget, smart person defeated by lucky person. So I hope you will have an extra luck to work on that place friend!!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Attorney General: Amrozi and friends was executed hrs 00.15 WIB

Jakarta - Attorney General finally announced the problem ekseksui Amrozi Cs. They have been executed by shot in Bukit Nirbaya, Nusakambangan.

"Around 00.15 hours WIB has been executed by shot," said Head of Law and Information Center of the Attorney General, Jasman Panjaitan in Jakarta, Sunday (9/11/2008).

After the shot, it was said that the doctor's team has been examining the bali bombers sentenced to death. They were there to make sure that all of them is dead.

According to the statement from Jasman Panjaitan, it was said that the Bali Bombers were proceed with Autopsy and has been declared dead.

Until this paper was published, the dead body of Amrozi and friends still can not be seen by any journalists.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Roy Suryo Topless in Golkar's Official Website (hacked)

After many times, the official site of Golkar party was hacked and "Roy Suryo" was appeared on this hacked site again.

The Official site of Golkar's party is located at and its seems to be a normal site until we examine it more details on the 'News International' box. What so ever, the site has changed.

As the result of these changes, the box was not linked to the content of International news but even it was directed to a page where a topless Roy Suryo is standing beside a man with black skin.

Roy Suryo Topless

Moreover, on the top of the image, it is written, "hacked by bL4Ck_3n91n3" (read: black engine). Unfortunately there are not many messages or information left by the cracker. It is only a sentence that contains the phrase of disinclination to Roy Suryo as it is written as follow:


OMG Roy Suryo, You Did it Again!!! Two thumbs up for you then, the first telematics practitioner ever in Indonesia.

Execution of Bali Bombers

Bali Bombers soon will be execute to death. The three - Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Mukhlas, also known as Ali Ghufron - were sentenced to death for their roles in the attacks which killed 202 people. They were found guilty of planning the attacks, which targeted night clubs at Bali's tourist resort of Kuta.

THE Bali bombers will be executed by firing squad in early November, it was confirmed by Indonesia's Attorney-General Hendraman Supandji few days ago.

The deaths of Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra will take place on the island of Nusakambangan in West Java. They will be shot by a squad of 14 police officers, most likely in a clearing in a forest near the prison were they have been detained.

Their execution is also highly sensitive for the Indonesian Government. Because it is a precedent for Indonesia in fighting terrorist. So the spokesman for the Attorney-General, Jasman Panjaitan, read out the verdicts against the men before saying the executions of all three will take place in "early November". He took no questions.

Whatsoever, Kuta is so quiet on yesterday night.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Google Image Labeler

It seems Google need some help to label their image in order to improve image search on Google.

Thanks for your contribution. It will help us improve the relevance of image search results so that you and other Google users can quickly and easily find the results you're looking for.
Google Image Labeler is a tool that allows everyone to tag toward the image shown in Google image search. They design it interactively so user could give a direct contribution to improve image search at Google. Moreover the tool gives scores for every guess that you make according to the image which is shown in the windows.

How does it work?

You'll be randomly paired with a partner who's online and using the feature. Over a two-minute period, you and your partner will:
  • View the same set of images.
  • Provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see.
  • Receive points when your label matches your partner's label. The number of points will depend on how specific your label is.
  • See more images until time runs out.

After time expires, you can explore the images you've seen and the websites where those images were found. And we'll show you the points you've earned throughout the session.


  • You may click the "pass" button if you can't think of any more labels for an image. If you and your partner both click "pass," you'll see the next image but receive no points for the passed image
  • You'll receive more points for matches with more descriptive labels. For example, this image can be described by the labels: sky (50 points), bird (60 points), soaring (120 points), or frigate bird (150 points).
What do you need to participate?
Just an interest in helping Google improve the relevance of image search for users like yourself. If you log in to your Google account, we will keep track of your points for you. You may also enter a nickname, but we do not require either a nickname or a login to use Google Image Labeler.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Waiting For The US Presidential Election

The US Presidential Election of 2008 that will be held on November 4th, could be the world upcoming attention these days. Why it is? The world is predicting about who's going to be the next President of America. As usual, except on year 1992, this year presidential election are participated by two candidates. They are McCain-Palin from the Republican and the other one is Obama-Bidden from the Democrat.

Both of them have their own issues and strategies in order to win the 2008 election, including their styles of government to be when they are elected for president and vice president. As an example, Obama in his speech, mostly criticized McCain as the part of Bush Regime that makes America fall in the global crisis with a very bad debt. Whereas, McCain often said that Obama, was lack of experience. So it will bring many risk to choose an inexperienced person to lead the USA.

These styles of campaign are usual in this lasted-largest democracy nation. Psy war, counter issues, hitting each other statements, are always take part in US political situation, especially in the Presidential Election. They call it liberalism in democracy.

The USA Presidential Election and its escalation, are also stealing the public attention in Indonesia. Besides, it's the people of America that is held the election, another reason why the election is so interesting is because one of the ballots ever lived in Indonesia. Yes, he is Barack Obama. Since that, the people of Indonesia put much attention to this junior Senator from Illinois. Anyway, Obama is also a live reference of youth leadership in Indonesia.

Why is Obama becoming the reference of youth leadership? Obama is 41, whereas his rival, John McCain is 72 (one year older than Titiek Puspa). There are big difference with their ages. So if Obama win this year election, he will represent the youth in world leadership. While if John McCain win, the regime will continue.

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