Monday, December 22, 2008

Sales Won’t Come by Itself

Many people do not or too late to realize that the core of every business that he's running on is sales. Whether it's related with products and services, sales is the main indicator of success in a business and of course its becomes a success for the business actors itself. Because sales is the core of the struggle for anyone who's wishing to be the real businessmen.

What I'm working on Camrifone Company until these days are also closely related with selling. One of our products is HP Compaq 6530s series, the HP notebook for the academics society. By this partnership with HP, we have to find customer on behalf of HP and doing promotion to find for more prospect. As the result, you may call me a 'Salesman'.

Doing businesses is doing experiences. By doing business, we could get many experiences, and that's what happen to me now. Moreover if we're doing the sales-businesses then we could say it's a part of learning process in our life. Because they will teach us how to communicate, respecting others, and also to be professional in our life. Businessmen is for someone who have much responsibility as well.

At this stage, I do hope that it's not just about the money. I do hope for the blessing from the Al Mighty in my business. Amien.

Persistence in achieving victory
As the title of this blog that I mention, Persistence in achieving victory is one of the Principe in my life, which is now working as a salesman. Explaining products, persuading and to build trust, and makes people buying my product and gives revenue for my company, clearly requires hard persistence. Although it sounds a little 'stubborn', this is the law of any successful salesmen. Because of what? Sales will not come automatically. They will need effort to be done.

Therefore, whether you're a salesman or not. Please noticed that the fact is you're the product of your own and you need effort to sell yours to others. So then you could be useful Surely, I'm no doubt about it. Thanks

That's all for this moment folks. Lets do Super Sales!!!

Arki Rifazka, ST.
CEO of PT. Camrifone (Pekanbaru)
Owner of SOHO SKB Center & IT Center (Bandung)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Promo: HP Academic Society Notebook - HP Compaq 6530s

The HP Compaq 6530 laptop series is the latest from HP Compaq. There are four new laptops in the HP Compaq 6530 series. Each of these have 14.1-inch WXGA displays (1280×800).They are namely HP Compaq 6530b, HP Compaq 6535b, HP Compaq 6530s, and HP Compaq 6535s. In this blog will be featured Notebooks - HP Compaq 6530s devoted to the Academic Society.

The HP Compaq 6x3x Series is a line of business-class notebooks from HP released in fall of 2008. As it is intended for the business-minded consumers HP has opted to include business-oriented software and features such as their proprietary security Protect Tools and 3D Drive Guard technology that protects the hard drive in the case of accidental drops. The models range in size from 12.1" displays to 17" with options for both Intel and AMD based notebooks.

Differences between Standard and Business Series
In a confusing naming convention, HP's 2008 business laptops are split into two groups: the Business Series which are marked with a "b" at the end of their model names, and the Standard Series which are marked with an "s" at the end of their model names. The s-series notebooks will have options for discrete graphics, nicer screens, etc. that the b-series lacks.

Many of the core features are the same, with the difference coming in ports and graphics technology.

Business Series:
* more connectivity ports
o firewire
o serial
o docking connector
o S-video output
* worse graphic options - limited to integrated X4500 chipset

Standard Series:
* better graphic options
o 4500HD is more powerful than X4500 integrated graphics
o option for dedicated Radeon HD 3430 graphics card

Intel and AMD
HP offers all of it's laptops in both an Intel and AMD flavor. The Intel-based models end with a 30, while the AMD-based models end with a 35.

What about the HP Academic Society devoted Notebook - HP Compaq 6530s?
HP Compaq 6530s would be the combination between business lifestyle, which is focused on security and reliability, with the consumer-minded needs such as more graphic options, nice and clear view, et all.
With expectations, academicians who need high mobility and reliability, can also feel the Consumer features associated with entertainment programs, during their occupation of research, science demands, teaching and also managing institutions.

If you want to know more about HP Academic Society Notebook, you could have the details on this link: HP Compaq 6530s Data Sheet

HP Academic Society Notebook, the 's' series with the 'b' series addition!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Severity Competition in The Telecommunications Business Will End Soon

Telecommunication business competition in Indonesia is very tight. Efforts to win the market by the provocative, teasing, mocking competitors-ads, are likely to become usual in the strategy to attract customers. Even the ads that excoriate each other with one another, have pointed to the chaotic, as occurred in the Sidikalang, North Sumatra. What a pity...

This is one of the example of the things that happens between Telecommunication Operators in Indonesia nowadays

Face to face ads fight has become a phenomenon that quite exciting in Indonesia, as you can see on the picture above.

While, the operators that now exist in Indonesia:
  1. Three
  2. Esia (Bakrie Telecom)
  3. Mentari (Indosat)
  4. IM3
  5. Fren
  6. Hepi
  7. AXIS (Natrindo Telepon Seluler)
  8. SMART (Sinar Mas Grup)
  9. Ceria (Sampurna)
  10. StarOne
  11. TelkomFlexi (Telkom)
  12. Telkomsel
  13. XL
Could you imagine? Dozens of operators to do the provocative maneuver ads. These could be this

As in the illustration above, the chaotic banner ads incident was happened in Sidikalang, North Sumatera. The Chaos between Telkomsel and Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) were related to burning banner ads owned by Telkomsel, whom XL done. As the result, both operator were seated together by The Ministry of Communications and Information (Depkominfo) through the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulation Agency (BRTI), to find resolution of their problems.

As the output of the resolution meeting, it was agreed that, Each telecommunications providers would:
  1. implement efforts to muffle events that have occurred
  2. hold the Top leaders level of telecommunications providers meeting in order to determinate the ethics ads branding.
  3. campaign ad ethics to each employee and the branding Vendors.
  4. review the contract with any branding vendor to the KPI, in order to make ethical ad.
  5. give sanctions to employees and vendors who implement the actions that violate the ethics together.
So, finally these two operator agreed to end peace their ads problem. I'm just thinking, this could be one of the important milestone of Telecommunication Era in Indonesia. Do you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

How to Grab Video from Facebook in Windows Vista

Now, you can download video from Facebook into your Desktop/Laptop easily without using any software.

Generally, all you have to do is get the Facebook video from the cache folder on your Desktop/Laptop.

And The How to?? Are bellow...

A. For Internet explorer Browser
If you are using internet explorer browser, watch full video from facebook,
  • After watching full video, go at Tools> internet options> settings> view files

B. For FireFox Browser in Windows Vista
If you are using FireFox browser, you can get video in FLV format as above in similar ways, as follow...
  • After watching full video, go to your windows explorer, your downloaded video location is -
  • C:\Users\(your login)\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\v89qdp47.default\ (one by one)

And Then (Both For Firefox and IE user),
  1. Find a large size file with long name and unknown type there.
  2. Copy and paste that file at desktop,
  3. rename it as you want it to, and gives the flash video (.flv) extension format, example video.flv
  4. play and enjoy video at your Desktop/Laptop with flv player

PS: If you want to grab video from youtube without any software, you can do it in the same way to this.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Take Care....

His name is Hariman Setiawan, but everyone called him O'onk. He's my best friend of mine. Right now he's preparing to go to Kupang, somewhere on the east of Indonesia. He will work as a DT Engineer for the next 6 months on that city.

O'onk and me were working together, for the first time, in Students Representative Council of Telkom School of Technology (now Telkom Institute of Technology). We were working together as a teammate, as he was the speaker of C Commission while I was the Chairman. So, at least once in a week we were having a coordination meeting. From that time, i know that he is a person with good responsibility.

After we finished our year period in council, we were met several times, also with the other members who were in the council with us. Somehow, me and O'onk decided to build a SOHO business together, and we made it.

The first SOHO that we made was SKB Center, on December 2007. We make our business near to the campus, because we know that campus is a captive market for any business. Moreover, It is Telkom School of Technology makes the market live. And so we go for it!!

Couple months after the SKB Center established, the second SOHO of ours was build. We named it SKB IT Center. Precisely, we built it on August 2008.

Once again, me and O'onk were working together in our second SOHO. On that time, we were sleeping on the floor, share the mattrass, and of course without any bed. The day after that, we were woke up in the morning to open the office and start to work.

By the time is running, me and O'onk finally graduated from Telkom Institute of Technology. While I have to go to pekanbaru, O'onk were stayed in Bandung to manage our SOHO until yesterday he told me that he will go to Kupang on sunday. As he was working as the DT Engineer.

So? Good Luck Hariman Setiawan a.k.a O'onk...

Always remember that stupid person will be defeated by clever person, clever person will be defeated by the smart person. And the last one, you shouldn't forget, smart person defeated by lucky person. So I hope you will have an extra luck to work on that place friend!!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Attorney General: Amrozi and friends was executed hrs 00.15 WIB

Jakarta - Attorney General finally announced the problem ekseksui Amrozi Cs. They have been executed by shot in Bukit Nirbaya, Nusakambangan.

"Around 00.15 hours WIB has been executed by shot," said Head of Law and Information Center of the Attorney General, Jasman Panjaitan in Jakarta, Sunday (9/11/2008).

After the shot, it was said that the doctor's team has been examining the bali bombers sentenced to death. They were there to make sure that all of them is dead.

According to the statement from Jasman Panjaitan, it was said that the Bali Bombers were proceed with Autopsy and has been declared dead.

Until this paper was published, the dead body of Amrozi and friends still can not be seen by any journalists.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Roy Suryo Topless in Golkar's Official Website (hacked)

After many times, the official site of Golkar party was hacked and "Roy Suryo" was appeared on this hacked site again.

The Official site of Golkar's party is located at and its seems to be a normal site until we examine it more details on the 'News International' box. What so ever, the site has changed.

As the result of these changes, the box was not linked to the content of International news but even it was directed to a page where a topless Roy Suryo is standing beside a man with black skin.

Roy Suryo Topless

Moreover, on the top of the image, it is written, "hacked by bL4Ck_3n91n3" (read: black engine). Unfortunately there are not many messages or information left by the cracker. It is only a sentence that contains the phrase of disinclination to Roy Suryo as it is written as follow:


OMG Roy Suryo, You Did it Again!!! Two thumbs up for you then, the first telematics practitioner ever in Indonesia.

Execution of Bali Bombers

Bali Bombers soon will be execute to death. The three - Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Mukhlas, also known as Ali Ghufron - were sentenced to death for their roles in the attacks which killed 202 people. They were found guilty of planning the attacks, which targeted night clubs at Bali's tourist resort of Kuta.

THE Bali bombers will be executed by firing squad in early November, it was confirmed by Indonesia's Attorney-General Hendraman Supandji few days ago.

The deaths of Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra will take place on the island of Nusakambangan in West Java. They will be shot by a squad of 14 police officers, most likely in a clearing in a forest near the prison were they have been detained.

Their execution is also highly sensitive for the Indonesian Government. Because it is a precedent for Indonesia in fighting terrorist. So the spokesman for the Attorney-General, Jasman Panjaitan, read out the verdicts against the men before saying the executions of all three will take place in "early November". He took no questions.

Whatsoever, Kuta is so quiet on yesterday night.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Google Image Labeler

It seems Google need some help to label their image in order to improve image search on Google.

Thanks for your contribution. It will help us improve the relevance of image search results so that you and other Google users can quickly and easily find the results you're looking for.
Google Image Labeler is a tool that allows everyone to tag toward the image shown in Google image search. They design it interactively so user could give a direct contribution to improve image search at Google. Moreover the tool gives scores for every guess that you make according to the image which is shown in the windows.

How does it work?

You'll be randomly paired with a partner who's online and using the feature. Over a two-minute period, you and your partner will:
  • View the same set of images.
  • Provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see.
  • Receive points when your label matches your partner's label. The number of points will depend on how specific your label is.
  • See more images until time runs out.

After time expires, you can explore the images you've seen and the websites where those images were found. And we'll show you the points you've earned throughout the session.


  • You may click the "pass" button if you can't think of any more labels for an image. If you and your partner both click "pass," you'll see the next image but receive no points for the passed image
  • You'll receive more points for matches with more descriptive labels. For example, this image can be described by the labels: sky (50 points), bird (60 points), soaring (120 points), or frigate bird (150 points).
What do you need to participate?
Just an interest in helping Google improve the relevance of image search for users like yourself. If you log in to your Google account, we will keep track of your points for you. You may also enter a nickname, but we do not require either a nickname or a login to use Google Image Labeler.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Waiting For The US Presidential Election

The US Presidential Election of 2008 that will be held on November 4th, could be the world upcoming attention these days. Why it is? The world is predicting about who's going to be the next President of America. As usual, except on year 1992, this year presidential election are participated by two candidates. They are McCain-Palin from the Republican and the other one is Obama-Bidden from the Democrat.

Both of them have their own issues and strategies in order to win the 2008 election, including their styles of government to be when they are elected for president and vice president. As an example, Obama in his speech, mostly criticized McCain as the part of Bush Regime that makes America fall in the global crisis with a very bad debt. Whereas, McCain often said that Obama, was lack of experience. So it will bring many risk to choose an inexperienced person to lead the USA.

These styles of campaign are usual in this lasted-largest democracy nation. Psy war, counter issues, hitting each other statements, are always take part in US political situation, especially in the Presidential Election. They call it liberalism in democracy.

The USA Presidential Election and its escalation, are also stealing the public attention in Indonesia. Besides, it's the people of America that is held the election, another reason why the election is so interesting is because one of the ballots ever lived in Indonesia. Yes, he is Barack Obama. Since that, the people of Indonesia put much attention to this junior Senator from Illinois. Anyway, Obama is also a live reference of youth leadership in Indonesia.

Why is Obama becoming the reference of youth leadership? Obama is 41, whereas his rival, John McCain is 72 (one year older than Titiek Puspa). There are big difference with their ages. So if Obama win this year election, he will represent the youth in world leadership. While if John McCain win, the regime will continue.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

RI, Thai Airforces Joint Execises in Pekanbaru Was Closed

Pekanbaru, the 14th joint exercises between the Indonesian Air Force (AU) and the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) was closed today in Pekanbaru.

A spokesman for information and library at the Pekanbaru airbase, Major Sus Dede Nasrudin, said this joint exercises was an annual routine program of the two countries. This exercises was started from October 20th to 30th of 2008. Mayor Dede Nasrudin explained, in this Thainesia Eagle exercises, there are six of Hawk 100/200 which is commanded by the Commander of th 12th Air Skuadron, Liutenant Colonel Flight Nana Resmana.

Whereas the RTAF came to pekanbaru with their six Alphajet 0027 from 231st Udon Tani Airbase Squadron of Thailand. RTAF was lead by Liutenant Colonel Dithipeng.

After this exercises, Indonesia and Thailand will continue their task to secure the malaka strait.

By the way, this exercise, maybe one of the cause of many delayed flight on the SSK II Airport Pekanbaru on these couple days.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Are The Youth of Indonesia

Youth promises is not just a statement or declaration. It is representing how's youth could take part in changing this country faith. It is a symbol of unity and its spirit that's inspired many youth movement to strikes back the colonial of Dutch at that time. Years after that moment, when the President Sukarno, Suharto, and also Abdurahman Wahid was so dictated and somehow they were becoming to disobey the Constitution, the youth was proofing that they were still in the mission of changing agent.

Dear People,
Eighty years ago, the youth congress was held. This is a historical moment of our country, our nation, and of course our faith. It was a moment that is never the last to remember in our country history. Because it was a milestone for the unity of Indonesia, that we are now live in The Nation of One Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Surely, it was started from the 1928Th youth congress.

The phenomenal youth promise was resulted on the second youth congress, in 1928. This promise contained 3 points of declaration which are:
  • PERTAMA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mengakoe Bertoempah Darah Jang Satoe, Tanah Indonesia.
  • KEDOEA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mengakoe Berbangsa Jang Satoe, Bangsa Indonesia.
  • KETIGA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mendjoendjoeng Bahasa Persatoean, Bahasa Indonesia.
The participant of the Second Youth Congress were coming from many youth organization that were existed at that time such as Jong Java, Jong Ambon, Jong Celebes, Jong Batak, Jong Sumatranen Bond, Jong Islamieten Bond, PPI, etc. Beside them, the Chinese Youth were also came to this congress as an independent representative.

Dear People
Right now, the challenges that we face on are quite complicated. So do the President Yudhoyono speak on the same tone, especially for the hits of global crisis. What could we do? Indonesia is in the middle of the crisis. We couldn't run away, we could only hope for the worst and expect for nothing. Hope for the worst is to prepare our self. Whereas expect for nothing, is to make us not to expect anything. So when the bad things happened, the world would not over yet and we still could thanks to God while the good things are also happened in our country.

What do we need right now to help this Country out of the crisis? While the government is making many solution (whether it was effective or not), the people should be in the government side to support their policy. So do the politician, business practitioner, and also economist should control the statement. Because, it isn't your time for talking. Every element has to do a hard work right now by firstly defining their own role in this social living. This is also for the youth. Sometimes the youth like to yell on the road for people and kicking the fence of governor building. But sometimes the youth should do something different and useful with any research, journal, etc. that would become the prototype for any nowadays problems. Lets get the spirit of youth and don't let them sleep again.

Youth promises, please stay in history of Indonesia

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Telkom Institute of Technology Graduation

Yesterday, 25Th October 2008, Telkom Institute of Technology just held their Graduation Day for the post graduated and the fresh graduated students. The event was located in Multipurpose Building of Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung.There were about 600 students attending this graduation party. They came to Bandung with their family, friends, and most of them are their parents.

Me and My Parents

Me and my parents were also attending this party. While my mom had arrived at Jakarta on Tuesday, Me and my father were departed from Pekanbaru at Friday. We were arrived at the afternoon and as usual, it is a rush hour time for any traffic on Jakarta. We took a rest for a while and the trip was started at 10 pm. We were arrived on Bandung at 2 am after midnight. and then we were stayed at Majesty Hotel Bandung for about 4 hours. Because we were leaving the hotel and heading to Dayeuhkolot at 6 am.

Back to the main discussion, the graduation day of Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom) was started at 9 am. The list of programs were:
  1. Opening Procession to the Senate Meeting Proceeding
  2. Speech from the Rector of IT Telkom
  3. Oration Speech
  4. Graduation
  5. Speech from BOD of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, TBK (Mr. Arif Yahya)
  6. Speech from the Coordinator of Private University, Directorate of Higher Education
  7. Reward Session
  8. Closing Ceremony of Senate Meeting Proceeding

The event was took about 4 hours and the longest part is the Graduation procession. Because the protocol have to call the graduated students by their name and one by one. Information Department was the last to be called but it wasn't a big deal after all because one of the students was yelling "put in the black box" which is spontaneously answered by the others with "if INF then FORMAT do TIKA, Right!! Informatika The Best Yes!!!". Wow, It was a quite long and also the most narcis yell ever. Despite of that, all of the graduated students were absolutely happy to have this historical moment in their life, unexceptionally me.

Congratulations for you all friends, so long and thanks for all the good things after all these years.


Monday, October 20, 2008

University of Riau EXPO 2008

Penandatanganan MoU antara UNRI dan PT. Camrifone
disaksikan oleh Hewlet Packard (hp)

Pekanbaru Tribune

Pekanbaru-Today, the University of Riau (UR) start to held an event called EXPO 2008 on their Campus. This is the first EXPO ever in history of UR that combined the role of research's spirit in the academic institution with the innovation of world nowadays technology in many field such as industry, medic, government, and also agriculture. In my opinion, I believe this event is a great milestone for UR as the Education Institute in Riau, which is lies on Sumatera Island.

UR EXPO 2008 will take about six days participation, which is started from yesterday, October 20 and will be closed on October 25. This Event that has involved participants from many business sector will show us about how's the Indonesia Education get involve with the "industries need" research and of course the right of intellectual property (HAKI). As the result, we may know UR EXPO 2008 should be the kind of Event that could trigger the spirit of research, to invent, and in the end they have a right to make the patent of their invention of course.

Cyber Campus
One of the important issues that exposed by the organizer is the development of Cyber Campus. University, as the place for the intellectual people, should be a good incubator for any implementation of high tech uses, especially in this ICT era. This place must be the first to know, about what's new in the world today, supported with an ease of access to the information over the world. So, the learning activity, in every country, will be more efficient and effective as the information and knowledge are shared in many media nowadays.

UNRI is the one who want to use the high-tech technology in their environment as they want to be the leader in ICT over the Sumatera Island, as the Rector says in his word. This is something that's not just an idea but it's also a start of revolutionary movement in ICT. Because this step will also trigger the other state-owned universities to take part in the region which is started from UNRI. So, lets write the history for the better future.

Special Thanks to:
Prof. Dr. Ashaludin Djalil MS

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beginner's Talk

Doing your own business is not less interesting than to work at a company. There are challenges that we may get in the way to reach success. Something that would make you do a lot of effort to survive from giving up sometimes as you're in debt, lack of money, or growing your businesses so slow. As the result, you have to face it patiently and fix the problems.

These two things, fixing the problem and being patient, are important in doing businesses. Fixing the problems says that you have to know the problems firstly, break them into sets of small problems, and then fix it problem by problem. The second thing is being patient. Why it's important to us, because it will teach us how life is for businesses. When you're not in a successful job, when your result is not too well while you have try so hard, or maybe when you're in financial problems. At these time, you have to face your life with patient. Because that's the one and only way for you to walk on. Along with your effort to fix your problems.

Beside that, luck is also include in businesses. Even some people believe that luck is the factor of success. Because there are rules where stupid person is defeated by clever person, clever person is defeated by smart person, and the last one is smart person is defeated by lucky person. So, as the result, if we want to success in our businesses we have to be that lucky person. But how to make it? There's no absolute answer. But you may believe, that as long as you are doing many good things to others, you will find the way where that lucky person walk on.

Arki Rifazka

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Recension : Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY

Yesterday, I've just finish reading "Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY". It is a great book. It was given from my uncle at the SBY Nurussalam Dzikir Council (Majelis Dzikir SBY Nurussalam).

Harus Bisa?! Maybe this is the first book to address how the leadership of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), as The 6th President of Indonesia, really are. It includes many stories and most of them are revealed stories, that is viewed from the nearest seat of President SBY, which is the Writer's position.

In this book, Dr. Dino, who is the writer and the Presidency Speaker, came up with another style of writing leadership book. Because the writer was doing leadership research thorough the President of Indonesia. So, the book was not to proof any theories, it just to discuss leadership using practical approach. As the result, there are so many lesson to be learned about being the President of Indonesia.

Two thumbs up for this book!!! Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

"Ever wonder what you'd look like in the past? Upload your photo and see yourself with classic hairdos and outfits through the year of 50's, 60's, etc."
Yes, you can find your other faces back to the year of 50's, 60's, and even 90's at Yearbook Yourself. The idea is to get yourself back in the yearbook which is you never have it before. A very classic yearbook that would make you smile, laugh, or maybe to keep and share it on your social networking.

Actually this site is not a new one. The truth is, I know it from my nephew in Jakarta. Once, when it was after midnight, he was too busy in changing his old school faces in this site. Pretty cool right? Having your faces back to decades of time that you haven't been in the world yet.

So then, after I arrived in Bandung, I also want to try this website. The result is, I am a little bit confused with the things but finally I've already made it. Now I've already mixed my face into couple of old time pictures at yearbook yourself. Want some proof? Here they are:

Back to 1952

Two years after, 1954

Being JFK on 1956

The Boys in 1958

Jumped to a Year Before I Was Born, 1984

What about you? Want to know what's your faces would look like back in decades? Yearbook Yourself then.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to Work and Run

The Long Vacation has passed. Now it's time to get back to work after more than a week of holiday. Well honestly, this lebaran holiday it's feel like a bit too long for me. I have spent a lot of time in Jakarta with many pleasures to many places these holidays. Visiting my sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephew, and others. And one of the progress is meet the "in law" to be (three times Amen).

By the way, I would like to say "Minal aidin Wal Faizin". Please forgive all the mistake between me and you. May God bless us all.

Back to businesses. Yes, I've already come back to Bandung today. Because I have to prepare for my judiciary and my kiosks, which will open after this next couple days. So, here i am, in Bandung, the city where business can run with smiles. Just a joke that mostly right compares to Jakarta.

By this time, me and my friends are discussing about some strategies in breaking the market on this after holidays moment. As you may need to know, our kiosk is located near the Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung. As the result, we are having few enhancements of work days compare to the students activity on their campus. But it doesn't matter after all, because we will have an extra time to spare on students vacation days.

Last but less, the important thing is how to make us ready to run after this long holiday? The answer is will be done, can be done. Gracias and Success for you all!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Students Lifestyle Nowadays

This night, so unbelievable. My cafeteria was full seated by the hotspot clients who use their own notebook in accessing the internet. Here are the picture that I've been captured with my dopod 838pro's camera

Students on SKB IT Center Hotspot

As you see on the picture above, we may realize that the era has changed. Now, everyone need an access to the internet as the information are widely spread. Notebook, Laptop, or Netbook becomes one of the important things that people need in successing their work, either the students. These pictures, shows you the activities of Telkom Institute of Technology's Students. They were using the hotspot service in SKB IT Center.

So how about you? How low can you go? or How IT are you?

Incredible Group's Farewell Party

This Evening, me and my incredibly tarbiyah group just have a farewell party on Aceh Noodle's Cafe. This meeting was related with my plan to go to pekanbaru on this October for doing some business. So, before I leave Bandung, I have to held the farewell meeting and speak some good words and things to them. Because it's also my responsibility to guarantee their tarbiyah continuity as I'm leaving this town nearly.

The farewell meeting was filled with talking, sharing experience and story, and of course eating some Aceh's food. We ended the meeting at about 8 pm with a lot of handshake and hug because we have been together for these last 2 years. We have build a good Muslim brotherhood environment between members of the group. Everyone knows their brother's matter, problems, and always try to find the solution for any problems in a discussion and advises. This tarbiyah group was very very great.

Not Just The Theory
Most of them, even all of, are activist in students organization such as Students Association, Laboratory, Islamic Foundation, and some event organizer. By this, they have already actuating the things that they've learned in our weekly meeting. Because, what they don't need a book of theory, experiences are much important to have. Is it experience is the greatest teacher?

Here they are... The Incredible Tarbiyah Group

(Ki-Ka Atas) Arki, Mahmud, Dedi, Evient, Fauzan, Dana, Hanif
(Ki-Ka Bawah) Said, Hendri, Fajar, Jeky

So long and thanks for all the respect, trust, time, and chance that you give to me.
This must be the best thing in my whole life.

Good luck for you all. May God always bless you all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rescheduling The Wed

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Memories of HMIF IT Telkom (formerly STT Telkom)

Pagi ini, ba'da shubuh saya chatting dengan kang Wahyudi -alumni IF angkatan '92- yang kini bekerja di Telkom UNER 3. Dalam pembicaraan, juga saya sampaikan undangan buka bersama dari teman-teman HMIF sore hari ini. Karena memang momentum ramadhan adalah waktu yang paling pas bagi kita (alumni) untuk berkumpul bersama. Mudah-mudahan tradisi ini bisa berlanjut terus, karena dalam acara ini sering ada sharing knowledge dan experience dari para alumni yang telah me-langlang buana di dunia IT. So, pastinya apa yang mereka sampaikan juga bisa menjadi motivasi bagi teman-teman yang masih ada di Kampus.
Singkat cerita, rupanya kang Wahyudi baru saja melihat-lihat ke FS HMIF IT Telkom. Melalui Google Talk, dia mengirimkan foto untuk saya. Penasaran juga jadinya. Foto apa gerangan yang dikirim ke saya ini. Tapi tak seberapa lama muncul lah gambar di bawah ini

Ternyata oh ternyata itu adalah foto yang diambil kurang lebih 3 tahun yang lalu ketika kita sedang mendampingi acara Mabim 2005. Di foto tersebut ada Mas Goen, Andhika, Mas Loethfi, TP, Saya, dan Singgih.
Berikutnya, kang Wahyudi juga mengirimkan foto:

Foto ini diambil ketika seluruh pengurus HMIF dikerahkan untuk berjualan donat berhubung pada awal kepengurusan kang Erda (HMIF 2005-2006), HMIF tidak punya cadangan kas yang cukup banyak untuk mendanai proker-proker Himpunan. Sejak saat itu juga, HMIF menjadi Himpunan yang paling kreatif dalam menghasilkan uang. Dari mulai jualan snack di sekre yang mana penghuni sekretariat lah yang jadi sasaran paling empuk untuk membelanjakan uangnya di jajanan sekre. Alhamdulillah, periode ini HMIF berhasil menyisakan kas yang sangat banyak untuk kepengurusan berikutnya.
Oleh karena itu, kecintaan kita (ex pengurus) kepada HMIF tidak akan pernah hilang karena dari organisasi ini lah berbagai pembelajaran dan proses saya dapatkan. Hingga akhirnya, walau sudah lama berlalu tapi tetap membanggakan untuk di ingat.

The memories of HMIF. The precious parts in our life, it's unforgetable, coz we were soldier of HMIF STT Telkom

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My 3 Words Length Name

I will choose Arki Rifazka Warsito as my 3 words length name. Warsito was picked from my father last name. Does it a matter? for entering some countries, yes it's a serious matter. For example, when I'm going to KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) in order to attending an ICT conference, each member of the delegation have to put addition name after the last name. So, I put Warsito after Arki Rifazka instead of Bin Warsito.

Somehow, this experience maybe considered when I'm going to give name for my son later on. The pattern would be:

(First_name) (Middle_name) Rifazka



ARW (Arki Rifazka Warsito)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Badawi: Itu Cuma Mimpi Belaka

One more from Malaysia

Perdana Menteri (PM) Malaysia Ahmad Badawi menyebut klaim Anwar Ibrahim untuk merebut kekuasaan sebagai "mimpi belaka". Ditegaskan Badawi, apa yang dilakukan Anwar hanya buang-buang waktu.

Anwar sebelumnya mengatakan akan membentuk pemerintahan baru dengan para anggota parlemen yang membelot. Pemimpin oposisi Malaysia itu juga meminta pertemuan dengan Badawi guna menunjukkan daftar nama anggota parlemen dan membahas pengalihan kekuasaan.

Namun Badawi menyebut itu sebagai kebohongan politik yang dilakukan Anwar. "Ini buang-buang waktu kita. Itu permainan kebohongan politik oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan orang-orang memilih untuk percaya dia," cetus Badawi pada konferensi pers di Kuala Lumpur, Selasa (16/9/2008).

"Dia tak punya substansi tapi orang-orang akan terus terkagum-kagum padanya," kata pemimpin negeri jiran itu.

Badawi juga menegaskan dirinya tak akan mundur. "Kenapa saya harus terdesak? Itu cuma mimpi belaka. Jika semua itu benar, Anwar pasti sudah mengumumkannya sekarang. Seluruh dunia harusnya sudah tahu," ejek Badawi seperti dilansir AFP, Selasa (16/9/2008).

"Kalian pikir dia akan meminta bertemu saya untuk membahas transisi? Dia akan menyerbu kantor saya dengan ratusan orang di belakangnya, sambil meneriakkan kemenangan. Begitulah gaya Anwar," celetuk Badawi.

Badawi terus didesak mundur sejak pemilihan umum Maret lalu, yang hasilnya menunjukkan perolehan kursi oposisi yang melonjak tajam di parlemen. Usai pemilu itu, Anwar menetapkan target 16 September untuk membujuk setidaknya 30 anggota parlemen dari kubu pemerintah untuk membelot ke pihaknya dan memungkinkan Anwar membentuk pemerintahan baru.(ita/iy)

Anwar Ibrahim Siap Deklarasikan Pemerintah Baru Malaysia

Rencana mantan Perdana Menteri Anwar Ibrahim untuk merebut kekuasaan pemerintah Malaysia yang dipegang Barisan Nasional sepertinya tidak main-main. Hari ini, bertepatan dengan Hari Malaysia, penasehat PKR itu akan mendeklarasikan pengambilalihan kekuasaan.

"Esok (16 September) kita akan umumkan pendirian kita,” ujar Anwar dihadapan 10 ribu pendukungnya di Stadium MBPJ Kelana Jaya, Selangor , Senin malam (15/9/2008).

Dihadapan pendukungnya yang merupakan gabungan PAS, DAP, dan PKR, Anwar
menegaskan, kekuatannya untuk menumbangkan BN pimpinan UMNO telah siap bergerak.

Bahkan 30 anggota parlemen dari BN yang disebut-sebut bakal loncat, menurutnya telah memenuhi target.

"Kita sudah ada jumlah (anggota BN yang akan melompat kepada koalisi), dan kita telah siap. Hari ini 15 September, esok 16 September, kita siap membentuk pemerintahan baru," cetusnya.

Anwar juga mengatakan, bahwa Koalisi oposisi yang dipimpinnya telah mengirim suratuntuk bertemu Perdana Menteri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Dalam surat itu Anwar mengajak Badawi untuk membicarakan isu pembentukan pemerintahan baru. Namun surat itu belum mendapat respon dari pihak Badawi.

"Sore tadi, (anggota parlemen DAP) Anthony Loke, (anggota parlemen PKR) Johari telah pergi ke Putrajaya, mengirim surat untuk berjumpa segera dengan perdana menteri. Sebab kita menginginkan perubahan yang aman dan tenteram," tegas Anwar.

Berdasarkan informasi yang dihimpun, Anwar rencananya akan mendeklarasikan
pernyataannya di kantor sekretariat PKR di Damansara, Kuala Lumpur pada pukul 11.00 waktu Malaysia.

Arogansi Badawi Menghadapi Anwar Ibrahim

Rencana Mantan Perdana Menteri Anwar Ibrahim untuk mendeklarasikan pengambilalihan kekuasaan di Malaysia ditanggapi dingin Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Perdana Menteri Malaysia itu menilai langkah Anwar sebagai suatu rencana yang kacau.

“Pergantian kekuasaan baru tidak akan terjadi. Itu hanya rencana yang tidak jelas juntrungannya. Orang kita cepat terkejut, tergempar, dan cepat kelang kabut dengan isu pergantian pemerintahan. Sebaiknya ketepikan semua hal seperti ini,” ujar Badawi dalam kunjungannya di Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia, Senin (15/9/2008).

Badawi menegaskan, sebaiknya masyarakat memberi perhatian yang lebih kepada hal-hal yang mendatangkan manfaat serta kebaikan dan bukan omong kosong yang tidak memberi manfaat.

"Kita suka sangat berargumentasi dan bercakap tentang hal ini (pergantian kekuasaan). Hal ini tidak akan pernah terjadi," cetusnya lagi.

Badawi meminta umat Islam lebih baik meningkatkan ibadah dalam rangka menyambut Ramadan dan tidak terlalu mempersoalkan isu pergantian pemerintahan.

"Pembohongan ini menyebabkan keadaan menjadi kelang kabut sehingga sesudah berbuka dan Tarawih, bukannya Taddarus tetapi malah berbincang tentang dengan pergantian pemerintahan," lanjutnya.

"Sepatutnya kita mengisi bulan Ramadan ini dengan meningkatkan ibadah untuk kemuliaan di sisi Allah dan tidak digunakan bercakap hal-hal yang tidak akan terjadi," pungkas Badawi. (detikcom)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lets Try Google Chrome [Beta]

Todays, finally i have downloaded the newest browser in the world, which is Google Chrome. This Google "brand new" browser, said that they will go in browser market as a breakthrough and does head of mozilla was also welcoming this product in world wide web browser. As the competition seems to be great, so in this post i will compare google chrome to mozilla.

Fig.1 Google Chrome

There are two aspects, at least, i want to compare about these two browser. The aspects are:
1. Interface
2. RAM usage

The first one is Interface aspect:
a. Google Chrome

Fig.2 Google Chrome Interface

Google Chrome interface is very simple, as you can see it on the picture above. Chrome also allow multiple Tab in one window. They put a very minimalist button on the toolbar. There are back and forward, refresh, bookmark, page control, and google chrome control panel. For the address bar, they actually put "google search" function in this fill in bar.  So, if you type "arki rifazka" (without quotation mark), then you will get the search result for arki rifazka in the entire google. As the result, Google has made an interface efficiency as they're combining the address bar and search bar into one search-address bar (if i could say so).

b. Mozilla Firefox

Fig.3 Firefox Interface

Compare with google chrome, actually mozilla have more enhancement features, as they have many addons to use. However those addons or plugins, were designed to support the all in one user need such as yahoo toolbar, google toolbar, etc.

2. RAM Usage
RAM usage are important to watch, because RAM usage were related to the performance of our PCs or Notebook. So i think we have to compare about this aspect in using any software. Unless you have more budget to upgrade you existing RAM.

Fig.4 RAM Usage

From the observation using windows task manager, it's known that the chrome.exe (process name for google chrome) takes about 36.500 K of RAM. Chrome.exe save about 64% compare to the firefox's RAM usage. The result, Google Chrome use less memory then the firefox did.

I think it's enough for my todays opinion about google chrome. Lets try google chrome beta as your alternative browser nowadays. Btw, you can download it from this link


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beware of Vietnamese Viruses on Your Messenger

First of all, i would like to apologize about some unknown message that was sent from my messenger to all of yours messenger. Those message was sent by some kind of Trojan which is breaching my PC and it's look like a Philippine or Vietnamese viruses. Because its language similar with Tagalog.

Trang Web nay coi cung hay, vao coi thu di http://........
this worm name is worm W32.Imaut.N ini.

These Viruses is quite dangerous, so beware of them. They could attack ypur Yahoo Messenger and your others messenger actually, because i have found it on my Network PC too. My Client PC which was infected by the viruses, always send those message to other PC on the network. And the result, i can't open regedit (registry editor) and also taskmgr (task manager) on infected PCs. So i think these viruses is quite dangerous.

On this post, i would like to share some information about fighting these viruses, here they are:

* Enable the regedit to clear the registry entry of the virus by typing on command prompt:

reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools

* Enable the task manager by opening the registry (which has been recovered by the first step) and aim to the:

you will find entry named "DisableTaskMg" and Clear out that entry to enable your task manager

* Furthermore find the others registry entry which is make your PC send a message automatically, those entries are:

NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\"Shell" = "Explorer.exe " SVCSHOST.exe"

\Run\"Yahoo Messengger" = "%System%\SVCSHOST.exe"

\Explorer\WorkgroupCrawler\Shares\"shared" = "[SHARED DRIVE]\ scvhosts.exe"

* Also clear all of the entry which is contained scvhosts.exe ; New Folder.exe and Explorer.exe (with letter E capital).

* And Then, we should terminate the process which was triggered by these viruses by opening the task manager and end the suspected processes which user is yours (not the System). Usually these processes named svchosts.exe , scvhosts.exe ,etc.

* The last one, go to the system folder, such as C:\Windows. Finds executable file who's name same with the previous processes such as: svchosts.exe and clean it immediately

* Scan your computer (Recommended) and Restart your PC to complete the step.

OK, i think that's all folks for the tips in fighting this Vietnam-viruses and thanks for all the source

Thanks God You're Here

Thanks God You're here. This phrase was picked from one of the favorite TV Show in US. Although I'm using it for welcoming the month of Ramadhan this year. Yes, it's a very special month for every moslem. At these month, every moslem has a chance to maximize their praying because it'll values more higher than reguler month.

Ramadhan is also a month to ask forgiveness from Allah. Every sins, except the big one, has a possibility to be cleared out on this month. So, it's a very good moment to pray more than on regularly month do. Allah the most great and gracious will give every moslem barokah on this month.

In Indonesia, ramadhan will held from tomorrow until 29 or 30 days later, depends on istbat meeting. So, Happy Syahru Ramadhan, lets make this Ramadhan the best ever on our life with 'amal, goodness, salam, silaturahim, pray, itikaf, and dont forget to do zakat fitrah.

Oh Ramadhan, Thanks God You're Here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Lebih Populer

Pemilihan Presiden Amerika belakangan ini cukup menyita perhatian banyak pihak di dunia. Demikian juga halnya di Indonesia, masih ingat ketika itu saya menyaksikan acara talkshow yang bergaya sidang kabinet, membahas perihal kemenangan salah satu kandidat presiden dari Partai Demokrat atas pesaing kuatnya. Pria yang memenangkan konvensi partai tersebut tidak lain adalah Barack Obama. Seorang senator AS yang katanya pernah melewati masa kecilnya di bilangan Menteng Jakarta. Pria inilah yang kemudian menjadi calon presiden dari Partai Demokrat.

Agak berbeda dengan Obama yang masih berumur 47 tahun, John McCain, capres Partai Republik, pada tahun ini genap berusia 72 tahun. Entah seperti apa orangnya, namun yang pasti dia sudah seumuran kakek-kakek di Indonesia. Hasilnya, pencalonan presiden AS ini bisa dikatakan mirip dengan pertarungan antara anak dengan ayahnya. Pantas saja persaingan antara keduanya sangat seru dalam berbagai media AS, karena kedua calon memiliki konsep kepemimpinan dan penawaran yang berbeda satu sama lain.

Karena saya sudah agak penasaran juga dengan hasil pilpres AS, maka dari itu iseng-iseng saya membuka web googlefight dan mencoba melihat pertarungan John McCain Vs Obama. Hasilnya,

Obama Ternyata Unggul atas McCain di google. Hal ini kemungkinan disebabkan Obama lebih banyak diberitakan di dunia maya. Sehingga mesin pencarian google banyak menampung pemberitaan terkait dirinya. Yang jelas Obama terbukti lebih populer dibanding pesaingnya, John McCain.

Sepertinya itu saja analisis saya terkait popularitas capres AS, bisa dijadikan referensi, bisa juga tidak. It's just a prediction, take nothing politically.

Jalan Terus (d/h Maju Terus)

Banyak orang alim (orang berilmu) mengatakan bahwa waktu itu berjalan ke depan, terus melaju dan tak pernah peduli apakah kita tertinggal atau kita melesat. Karenanya kita harus menatap ke depan dalam hidup, berusaha mencapai hidup yang maksimal yang kita bisa usahakan, walau kadang terluka, terjatuh atau mungkin terseret putaran waktu yang kencang. Kurang lebih itu lah yang sering dialami oleh manusia, pemeran utama bagi kehidupannya masing-masing.

Hari ini, ada banyak hikmah dari perkataan orang alim tadi yang saya yakini. Salah satunya adalah memahami bahwa waktu yang kita miliki tidak boleh tersiakan. Karena pada prinsipnya, hidup ini harus menjadi hidup yang berharga dan bermakna untuk kita jalani setiap langkahnya.

Terkait upaya menjadikan hidup kita bermakna dan berharga, ada beberapa hal yang saya yakini sangat, diantaranya:
1. Hari ini harus lebih baik dari hari kemarin (Todays better than yesterday)
-> Hidup ini harus progresif, menanjak, dan anti kemapanan
2. Waktu adalah tanggung jawab yang harus kita jaga (Take Responsibility To Your Time)
-> Jangan biarkan waktu berjalan tanpa kita sadari
3. Hidup adalah Perjuangan (Life is Struggle, No Excuses)
-> Hidup harus diisi dengan perjuangan mulia untuk mencapai tujuan hidup yang kita miliki
4. Bermanfaat Bagi Orang Lain (Make Benefit for others)
-> Kehadiran kita di dunia tidak sepantasnya untuk menjadi beban, kita harus membawa manfaat bagi manusia lain

Apa yang disebutkan di atas semoga bisa menjadi pengingat bagi kita semua,

Good luck for your life

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So Little Time, Too Much to Do

Yes, that's what I feel right now. So Little time but too much to do. Walaupun sebenarnya ini konsekuensi dari beberapa pekerjaan yang saya ambil dalam rentan waktu sekarang ini. Tapi apa sih sebenarnya kesibukan saya itu? kok kayaknya jadi gak punya waktu lebih gitu... Oke deh saya ngaku bahwa saat ini saya sedang mempersiapkan suatu usaha yang namanya SKB IT Center. Disamping itu saya juga tetap mengurus SKB Center (pendahulu IT Center), ditambah kerja part time saya di PT Jasa Telekomunikasi Utama (JAST1)....wew, good job

3 kesibukan financial ini memang cukup menyita waktu, apalagi kalau lagi urusan bisnis, kadang malah jadi gak kenal waktu.. nah makanya saya punya kesimpulan awal bahwa businessman works longer than employee. Although businessman could manage their own time, but it's so often that businessman work over time dan sepertinya memang benar, itu yang saya rasakan saat ini.

Akan tetapi saya juga tidak mau secepat itu patah semangat, walau memang masih butuh waktu untuk menyesuaikan dengan realita. Tapi masak iya komputer bisa multi tasking trus kita menolak untuk berupaya maksimal.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Today, August 8th

Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
I see a bunch of hippies crying, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
Like waking up from a real bad dream, suddenly everything is ok.
The storm has passed and the sun is shining, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.

What's going on, what's going on, is something bumming your scene?
There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean.

The air is sweet the summer flowers blooming nowhere in sight is there anything grey,
Feelings of joy are filling the street, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.
Like waking up from a fucked up dream, suddenly everything's looking good.
There's been no permanent damage done, yeah August 8th came right when it should.

What's going on, what's going on, is something bumming your scene?
There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean.

Poor Jeff,
Poor little Timmy Turtle,
Staying home on such a beautiful day
(August 8th - NOFX)

Hari ini adalah tanggal 8 Agustus 2008, ya tanggal yang cukup bagus untuk dibaca 08-08-08. Well, cerita bermula dari mendengar lagu August 8th yang dinyanyikan oleh NOFX. Waktu itu saya dan beberapa teman agak tersentuh dengan lirik lagu tersebut, karena sedikit banyak menceritakan tentang ilmu hidup yang tidak selamanya mudah namun juga tidak selamanya sulit. Tapi toh tetap saja yang namanya hidup pasti ada kalanya kita di atas, dan mungkin kadang terluka. Maka dari itu, hidup harus selalu diisi dengan harapan, cita-cita mulia, dan keyakinan bahwa hidup kita bisa kita jalani dengan lebih baik lagi selama kita tidak patah arang.
Just dont waste it up, life just once, and it's often to regret at the the end.

hidup memang tak semudah
waktu kita muda dulu
panas dingin tak bisa diterka
strategi hidup bertahan
dari seleksi sang alam

hidup memang tak seindah
waktu kita muda dulu
umur terindah pasti kan berlalu
strategi hidup bertahan
dari seleksi sang alam

panas dingin tak bisa diterka
panas dingin tak bisa diterka


tapi apapun yang terjadi
akan kujalani
akan kuhadapi dengan segenap hati

walau ku terluka
memang ku terluka
tak pernah ku lari dari semua ini

belum waktunya kita berhenti
jangan cepat puas kawan
bekerja dan terus bekerja
hingga saat kita tak berguna lagi


maka apapun yang terjadi
akan kujalani
akan kuhadapi dengan segenap hati

walau ku terluka
memang ku terluka
tak pernah ku lari dari semua ini

(Jalan Terus - Sheila on 7)

So, Happy August 8th 2008, trust me it's gonna be a beautiful day.

Interesting Food

This morning, as usual, i'm looking at some of website which is have a good things to read. Somehow, my eyes catch something interesting. Guess What? A meals recipe. wew,.. as it look so tasty, i hope you can read it in my blog too. But the question is, who will cook this recipe? hahahaha.... or maybe i should plan for working out cafe/mini restorant...

Here they are

The first is Salmon Egg Rice

Nasi komplet ini bisa jadi alternatif kalau sedang tak ada waktu berlama-lama di dapur. Rasanya sangat gurih karena serpihan salmon yang enak. Sajikan semuanya dalam keadaan panas mengepul. Boleh saja ditambahkan irisan cabai rawit jika suka rasa pedas!

300 g nasi pulen hangat

1/2 sdm mentega
2 butir telur ayam, kocok lepas
1/2 sdt merica bubuk
1 sdt garam
1 sdm keju Cheddar
100 g daging salmon matang
1/2 sdt garam
1 sdt bawang putih goreng, haluskan


daun bawang iris tipis

Cara membuat:

  • Topping: Lelehkan mentega, tuangkan telur kocok, kecilkan api.
  • Taburi merica dan garam. Aduk-aduk telur hingga bergumpal kecil.
  • Masukkan keju, aduk rata. Angkat.
  • Suwir daging salmon keil-kecil lalu aduk dengan garam dan bawang putih goreng hingga rata.
  • Taruh nasi dalam 2 buah mangkok. Taburi sebagian permukaannya dengan telur dan sebagian lagi dengan salmon.
  • Taburi daun bawang, sajikan hangat.

Untuk 2 orang ( dev / Odi )

Second one is Chicken Wings

Sayap ayam ini paling asyik dinikmati hangat. Renyah, gurih dan wangi aromanya. Bisa untuk lauk teman nasi atau sekedar buat camilan. Jangan kaget kalau Anda jadi ketagihan karena gurihnya.

12 buah sayap ayam bagian bawah
2 siung bawang putih, parut
1/2 sdt merica bubuk
1 sdt garam

Lapisan, aduk rata:

50 g tepung beras
1 sdm tepung terigu
1/2 sdt soda kue
1/2 sdt merica bubuk
1 sdt garam
200 ml air


2 sdt biji wijen hitam

Cara membuat:
  • Aduk dan remas-remas sayap ayam dengan bawang, merica dan garam hingga rata. Diamkan selama 1 jam.
  • Celupkan sayap ayam dengan adonan Lapisan hingga rata.
  • Taburi biji wijen hitam.
  • Goreng dalam minyak panas dan banyak hingga kuning kecokelatan dan kering.
  • Angkat dan tiriskan.
  • Sajikan hangat.
Untuk 6 orang ( dev / Odi )

taken from detikfood

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Materi Iklan SKB IT Center

Menjelang pembukaan tanggal 8 Agustus 2008 nanti, ada beberapa materi iklan yang sudah disiapkan untuk mendukung penetrasi pasar. Iklan-iklan tersebut diambil dari berbagai macam tema, dan beberapa diantaranya adalah foto koleksi pribadi. Karena memang saya punya hobi foto-foto juga lho... Jadi ya, daripada cuma disimpen di dalam laptop, mending dishare ke teman-teman di dunia maya. OK,.... ini dia publikasi SKB IT Center yang sudah terangkum hingga hari ini..

Billboard SKB IT Center

Foto diambil di Bandara SSK II Pekanbaru (AirAsia adopted)

PC Desktop SKB IT Center (Existing)

Background Gedung Pencakar Langit di Singapore

Man of The Year (What year?)

Ya begitu dulu sementara. By the way, kalau ada yang mau sukarela membuat desain, saya juga terima kok. Boleh jadi langsung "mejeng" di publikasi SKB IT Center. Caranya mudah, just send the design by email to: I would be please for your appreciation. Dan untuk foto yang terakhir, itu hasil iseng-iseng berhadiah, tidak memiliki maksud apa-apa, apalagi untuk mengurangi selera makan anda. Percayalah penulis tidak pernah berniat seperti itu. Terima Kasih. Bye.

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