Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook Chat Without Browser

Are you a facebook-holic? do you like all the features on facebook? Searching friends, gaming online, and what about having a chat to others on facebook??

Talking about chat on facebook, you may know that the reliability of the facebook chat on browser is not really good. The chat board sometimes goes down in connection. And of course that's the biggest problem from the facebook chat on the browser.

So what if now you can do facebook chat on its own interface board? I think it would be so cool enough for you to use it. You could follow these steps below to chat on facebook without any browser:

1. First of all, you have to install the pidgin messenger. Pidgin messenger is an IM provider and it's all free to use. You can get the installer from this following site:

2. After you Install your pidgin software you may download the facebook plugin for your installed pidgin. Because the facebook plugin is exclude from your installed pidgin. You can get the plugin from this address below:

3. Run your pidgin, and then choose the facebook service

4. Enter your username and password, and also your appearance name on facebook (if you want to change your default name)

5. You could start to chat on pidgin now and have a nice chat!!!

source: ahlul.bang


Adek Aidi said...

Hi arki,
as i know, facebook implement xmpp protocol for their chat feature. I ever heard that xmpp server that they choose is ejabberd that is support for disttibuted computing by doing clustering, vcard, etc.
but the main problem and character of this server that i ever heard, is they often down and not stable in browser. im not really sure about this too, maybe another can share more info

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