Friday, February 13, 2009

Configuring Bluetooth Modem on My Dopod 838 pro

Finally, I could set my lovely Dopod 838 pro as a wireless Bluetooth modem for the Telkomsel Flash service. Please check these general settings from me.


As you know friends, communication over Bluetooth is more comfortable. It does not require a cable connection between the two devices (a laptop and PDA). Honestly, this is so useful for you who likes traveling.

Connecting the two devices over BT will differ according to the BT control application installed on your PC. Nevertheless, the procedure should be virtually the same. There are four main steps:

1. Configuring the wireless modem on your PDA
2. Pairing the devices, ideally using a wizard in the BT application on the PC and using the modem on the PDA
3. Configuring the modem using an AT string
4. Creating a new internet connection using the modem

Let's start with the first step: Configuring the wireless modem on your PDA.
First of all, you'll need to enable/run Wireless Modem:

  1. Start > Programs > Wireless Modem.
  2. Select "USB" as your connection type.
  3. If you need to configure the APN setting, Menu > APN Setting > check "Preset GPRS connections" and fill in the APN value with "Flash"
  4. Creating new data account on your PDA: Start > Setting > Connections then tap the "Connections" icon
  • Tap "Advanced" > Select Networks > New (find "...the internet should connect using")
  • Create new settings "TelkomselFlash"
  • Open Tab "Modem" and tap new
  • set the name for the connection with "Flash"
  • Select a modem to Cellular Line (GPRS, 3g)
  • Set the Access Point Name (APN) to "FLASH"
  • let the username, password, and domain blank, and tap finish
Next step: pairing the devices and using the modem on the PDA. For that, you need fully functional Bluetooth on the PC and activated Bluetooth module on the Wizard in discoverable mode.

Turn on Bluetooth Devices

Now, run a connection wizard on the PC (New Connection). I am going to show you the procedure in detail, so I opted for the Custom Mode.

In the next step, all available Bluetooth devices are identified. If your Pocket PC does not display, check to make sure if Bluetooth is active and set to visible (discoverable by another device).

Bluetooth is active and set to visible

The device is then checked for supported services. In our case, set the service to Dial-up Networking.

Choose the Dial-up networking service

When you click Next, the devices will try to pair.

Thus, if everything goes well, the PC should display a window asking for a PIN. You can type any number to fill in the bluetooth passkey, for an example :1234; noted that you need to remember these numbers because you will have to enter the same code in your PDA phone. This will protects you against intruders.

Bluetooth passkey

On the pocket device, first confirm that you realy want to communicate with the PC (Yes) and then enter the same Bluetooth passkey PIN.

Enter the same Bluetooth passkey

The modem will be installed on the PC and the pocket device will display a list of services to be used by the PC. Check the box at Serial Port and tap on Finish.

We are done with the PDA for the time being but need to do some more setting on the desktop PC. A Bluetooth driver from Toshiba offers comfortable and quick configuration of the newly connected modem.

Dial settings are:
  • Dial-up connection name : Telkomsel Flash
  • Telephone Number : *99#
  • username : empty (left blank)
  • pass : empty (left blank)
  • click Finish

That's it. Now select Start -> Settings -> Network connections -> Your new connection and then Dial and you should be connected to the internet within a few seconds.

Errors and error messages
However, things may go wrong and you may encounter errors. Windows usually provides at least the error number, so that you have something to start with.
  • Error 633 - modem already in use - check if the modem mode is active. If yes and it is not working, perform a software reset and try connecting again.
  • Error 692 - modem or port hardware error - check if the device is in the is in the airplane mode (deactivated GSM module)
  • Error 734 - PPP control protocol was terminated - check if you have set the APN correctly and whether the initialisation string is correct (that's the expression that begins with AT+...)
That's all folks for the review...



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