Monday, April 27, 2009

Arki Rifazka on National IT Expo Riau 2009

Yesterday I've been requested by the committee of the NIX (National IT Expo) DPD Riau APKOMINDO to give presentation about Facebook, the social networking site that is very popular nowadays

Actually I am coming as a substitute speaker, as the speaker who should fill material is suddenly canceled to attend to the event. So I finally contacted by the committee to be the speaker.

I submit that the material really common materials, ranging from a glimpse of the facebook and its development, and of course how they achieved success at this time.

In addition, as a complementary material, I also give tips safe use facebook, the potential threat of piracy information that can be done by facebook, until in the end of the show, we discuss many of the features facebook including the graphic user interface itself.

Questions from the audience quite a lot, and the audience is very diverse. Men, Women, high school students, and college students are curious about the engine that sit in on the facebook event. In fact, the event also had me create a more exciting with the demonstration using one of the participants account. He also once "pasrah" when I change his account settings, add a female friend through the features "friends you may know", and other things etc.. But instead, I give him a shirt from HP in order he answered the question correctly. And of course, he deserved that merchandise for his kindness to give his account to be used on the stage.


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