Monday, December 22, 2008

Sales Won’t Come by Itself

Many people do not or too late to realize that the core of every business that he's running on is sales. Whether it's related with products and services, sales is the main indicator of success in a business and of course its becomes a success for the business actors itself. Because sales is the core of the struggle for anyone who's wishing to be the real businessmen.

What I'm working on Camrifone Company until these days are also closely related with selling. One of our products is HP Compaq 6530s series, the HP notebook for the academics society. By this partnership with HP, we have to find customer on behalf of HP and doing promotion to find for more prospect. As the result, you may call me a 'Salesman'.

Doing businesses is doing experiences. By doing business, we could get many experiences, and that's what happen to me now. Moreover if we're doing the sales-businesses then we could say it's a part of learning process in our life. Because they will teach us how to communicate, respecting others, and also to be professional in our life. Businessmen is for someone who have much responsibility as well.

At this stage, I do hope that it's not just about the money. I do hope for the blessing from the Al Mighty in my business. Amien.

Persistence in achieving victory
As the title of this blog that I mention, Persistence in achieving victory is one of the Principe in my life, which is now working as a salesman. Explaining products, persuading and to build trust, and makes people buying my product and gives revenue for my company, clearly requires hard persistence. Although it sounds a little 'stubborn', this is the law of any successful salesmen. Because of what? Sales will not come automatically. They will need effort to be done.

Therefore, whether you're a salesman or not. Please noticed that the fact is you're the product of your own and you need effort to sell yours to others. So then you could be useful Surely, I'm no doubt about it. Thanks

That's all for this moment folks. Lets do Super Sales!!!

Arki Rifazka, ST.
CEO of PT. Camrifone (Pekanbaru)
Owner of SOHO SKB Center & IT Center (Bandung)


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