Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks God You're Here

Thanks God You're here. This phrase was picked from one of the favorite TV Show in US. Although I'm using it for welcoming the month of Ramadhan this year. Yes, it's a very special month for every moslem. At these month, every moslem has a chance to maximize their praying because it'll values more higher than reguler month.

Ramadhan is also a month to ask forgiveness from Allah. Every sins, except the big one, has a possibility to be cleared out on this month. So, it's a very good moment to pray more than on regularly month do. Allah the most great and gracious will give every moslem barokah on this month.

In Indonesia, ramadhan will held from tomorrow until 29 or 30 days later, depends on istbat meeting. So, Happy Syahru Ramadhan, lets make this Ramadhan the best ever on our life with 'amal, goodness, salam, silaturahim, pray, itikaf, and dont forget to do zakat fitrah.

Oh Ramadhan, Thanks God You're Here


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