Sunday, November 09, 2008

Attorney General: Amrozi and friends was executed hrs 00.15 WIB

Jakarta - Attorney General finally announced the problem ekseksui Amrozi Cs. They have been executed by shot in Bukit Nirbaya, Nusakambangan.

"Around 00.15 hours WIB has been executed by shot," said Head of Law and Information Center of the Attorney General, Jasman Panjaitan in Jakarta, Sunday (9/11/2008).

After the shot, it was said that the doctor's team has been examining the bali bombers sentenced to death. They were there to make sure that all of them is dead.

According to the statement from Jasman Panjaitan, it was said that the Bali Bombers were proceed with Autopsy and has been declared dead.

Until this paper was published, the dead body of Amrozi and friends still can not be seen by any journalists.


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