Sunday, November 02, 2008

Waiting For The US Presidential Election

The US Presidential Election of 2008 that will be held on November 4th, could be the world upcoming attention these days. Why it is? The world is predicting about who's going to be the next President of America. As usual, except on year 1992, this year presidential election are participated by two candidates. They are McCain-Palin from the Republican and the other one is Obama-Bidden from the Democrat.

Both of them have their own issues and strategies in order to win the 2008 election, including their styles of government to be when they are elected for president and vice president. As an example, Obama in his speech, mostly criticized McCain as the part of Bush Regime that makes America fall in the global crisis with a very bad debt. Whereas, McCain often said that Obama, was lack of experience. So it will bring many risk to choose an inexperienced person to lead the USA.

These styles of campaign are usual in this lasted-largest democracy nation. Psy war, counter issues, hitting each other statements, are always take part in US political situation, especially in the Presidential Election. They call it liberalism in democracy.

The USA Presidential Election and its escalation, are also stealing the public attention in Indonesia. Besides, it's the people of America that is held the election, another reason why the election is so interesting is because one of the ballots ever lived in Indonesia. Yes, he is Barack Obama. Since that, the people of Indonesia put much attention to this junior Senator from Illinois. Anyway, Obama is also a live reference of youth leadership in Indonesia.

Why is Obama becoming the reference of youth leadership? Obama is 41, whereas his rival, John McCain is 72 (one year older than Titiek Puspa). There are big difference with their ages. So if Obama win this year election, he will represent the youth in world leadership. While if John McCain win, the regime will continue.


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