Thursday, November 27, 2008

Severity Competition in The Telecommunications Business Will End Soon

Telecommunication business competition in Indonesia is very tight. Efforts to win the market by the provocative, teasing, mocking competitors-ads, are likely to become usual in the strategy to attract customers. Even the ads that excoriate each other with one another, have pointed to the chaotic, as occurred in the Sidikalang, North Sumatra. What a pity...

This is one of the example of the things that happens between Telecommunication Operators in Indonesia nowadays

Face to face ads fight has become a phenomenon that quite exciting in Indonesia, as you can see on the picture above.

While, the operators that now exist in Indonesia:
  1. Three
  2. Esia (Bakrie Telecom)
  3. Mentari (Indosat)
  4. IM3
  5. Fren
  6. Hepi
  7. AXIS (Natrindo Telepon Seluler)
  8. SMART (Sinar Mas Grup)
  9. Ceria (Sampurna)
  10. StarOne
  11. TelkomFlexi (Telkom)
  12. Telkomsel
  13. XL
Could you imagine? Dozens of operators to do the provocative maneuver ads. These could be this

As in the illustration above, the chaotic banner ads incident was happened in Sidikalang, North Sumatera. The Chaos between Telkomsel and Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) were related to burning banner ads owned by Telkomsel, whom XL done. As the result, both operator were seated together by The Ministry of Communications and Information (Depkominfo) through the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulation Agency (BRTI), to find resolution of their problems.

As the output of the resolution meeting, it was agreed that, Each telecommunications providers would:
  1. implement efforts to muffle events that have occurred
  2. hold the Top leaders level of telecommunications providers meeting in order to determinate the ethics ads branding.
  3. campaign ad ethics to each employee and the branding Vendors.
  4. review the contract with any branding vendor to the KPI, in order to make ethical ad.
  5. give sanctions to employees and vendors who implement the actions that violate the ethics together.
So, finally these two operator agreed to end peace their ads problem. I'm just thinking, this could be one of the important milestone of Telecommunication Era in Indonesia. Do you?


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