Saturday, November 08, 2008

Roy Suryo Topless in Golkar's Official Website (hacked)

After many times, the official site of Golkar party was hacked and "Roy Suryo" was appeared on this hacked site again.

The Official site of Golkar's party is located at and its seems to be a normal site until we examine it more details on the 'News International' box. What so ever, the site has changed.

As the result of these changes, the box was not linked to the content of International news but even it was directed to a page where a topless Roy Suryo is standing beside a man with black skin.

Roy Suryo Topless

Moreover, on the top of the image, it is written, "hacked by bL4Ck_3n91n3" (read: black engine). Unfortunately there are not many messages or information left by the cracker. It is only a sentence that contains the phrase of disinclination to Roy Suryo as it is written as follow:


OMG Roy Suryo, You Did it Again!!! Two thumbs up for you then, the first telematics practitioner ever in Indonesia.


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