Thursday, October 30, 2008

RI, Thai Airforces Joint Execises in Pekanbaru Was Closed

Pekanbaru, the 14th joint exercises between the Indonesian Air Force (AU) and the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) was closed today in Pekanbaru.

A spokesman for information and library at the Pekanbaru airbase, Major Sus Dede Nasrudin, said this joint exercises was an annual routine program of the two countries. This exercises was started from October 20th to 30th of 2008. Mayor Dede Nasrudin explained, in this Thainesia Eagle exercises, there are six of Hawk 100/200 which is commanded by the Commander of th 12th Air Skuadron, Liutenant Colonel Flight Nana Resmana.

Whereas the RTAF came to pekanbaru with their six Alphajet 0027 from 231st Udon Tani Airbase Squadron of Thailand. RTAF was lead by Liutenant Colonel Dithipeng.

After this exercises, Indonesia and Thailand will continue their task to secure the malaka strait.

By the way, this exercise, maybe one of the cause of many delayed flight on the SSK II Airport Pekanbaru on these couple days.


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