Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Incredible Group's Farewell Party

This Evening, me and my incredibly tarbiyah group just have a farewell party on Aceh Noodle's Cafe. This meeting was related with my plan to go to pekanbaru on this October for doing some business. So, before I leave Bandung, I have to held the farewell meeting and speak some good words and things to them. Because it's also my responsibility to guarantee their tarbiyah continuity as I'm leaving this town nearly.

The farewell meeting was filled with talking, sharing experience and story, and of course eating some Aceh's food. We ended the meeting at about 8 pm with a lot of handshake and hug because we have been together for these last 2 years. We have build a good Muslim brotherhood environment between members of the group. Everyone knows their brother's matter, problems, and always try to find the solution for any problems in a discussion and advises. This tarbiyah group was very very great.

Not Just The Theory
Most of them, even all of, are activist in students organization such as Students Association, Laboratory, Islamic Foundation, and some event organizer. By this, they have already actuating the things that they've learned in our weekly meeting. Because, what they don't need a book of theory, experiences are much important to have. Is it experience is the greatest teacher?

Here they are... The Incredible Tarbiyah Group

(Ki-Ka Atas) Arki, Mahmud, Dedi, Evient, Fauzan, Dana, Hanif
(Ki-Ka Bawah) Said, Hendri, Fajar, Jeky

So long and thanks for all the respect, trust, time, and chance that you give to me.
This must be the best thing in my whole life.

Good luck for you all. May God always bless you all.


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