Monday, October 20, 2008

University of Riau EXPO 2008

Penandatanganan MoU antara UNRI dan PT. Camrifone
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Pekanbaru Tribune

Pekanbaru-Today, the University of Riau (UR) start to held an event called EXPO 2008 on their Campus. This is the first EXPO ever in history of UR that combined the role of research's spirit in the academic institution with the innovation of world nowadays technology in many field such as industry, medic, government, and also agriculture. In my opinion, I believe this event is a great milestone for UR as the Education Institute in Riau, which is lies on Sumatera Island.

UR EXPO 2008 will take about six days participation, which is started from yesterday, October 20 and will be closed on October 25. This Event that has involved participants from many business sector will show us about how's the Indonesia Education get involve with the "industries need" research and of course the right of intellectual property (HAKI). As the result, we may know UR EXPO 2008 should be the kind of Event that could trigger the spirit of research, to invent, and in the end they have a right to make the patent of their invention of course.

Cyber Campus
One of the important issues that exposed by the organizer is the development of Cyber Campus. University, as the place for the intellectual people, should be a good incubator for any implementation of high tech uses, especially in this ICT era. This place must be the first to know, about what's new in the world today, supported with an ease of access to the information over the world. So, the learning activity, in every country, will be more efficient and effective as the information and knowledge are shared in many media nowadays.

UNRI is the one who want to use the high-tech technology in their environment as they want to be the leader in ICT over the Sumatera Island, as the Rector says in his word. This is something that's not just an idea but it's also a start of revolutionary movement in ICT. Because this step will also trigger the other state-owned universities to take part in the region which is started from UNRI. So, lets write the history for the better future.

Special Thanks to:
Prof. Dr. Ashaludin Djalil MS


Anonymous said...

may I borrow your suit for my graduation???

I missed u bro....

Hendrawan said...

So nice!, a cyber campus in Riau begins in Unri.. just hope Unri Expo 2008 is succes!

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