Sunday, October 26, 2008

Telkom Institute of Technology Graduation

Yesterday, 25Th October 2008, Telkom Institute of Technology just held their Graduation Day for the post graduated and the fresh graduated students. The event was located in Multipurpose Building of Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung.There were about 600 students attending this graduation party. They came to Bandung with their family, friends, and most of them are their parents.

Me and My Parents

Me and my parents were also attending this party. While my mom had arrived at Jakarta on Tuesday, Me and my father were departed from Pekanbaru at Friday. We were arrived at the afternoon and as usual, it is a rush hour time for any traffic on Jakarta. We took a rest for a while and the trip was started at 10 pm. We were arrived on Bandung at 2 am after midnight. and then we were stayed at Majesty Hotel Bandung for about 4 hours. Because we were leaving the hotel and heading to Dayeuhkolot at 6 am.

Back to the main discussion, the graduation day of Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom) was started at 9 am. The list of programs were:
  1. Opening Procession to the Senate Meeting Proceeding
  2. Speech from the Rector of IT Telkom
  3. Oration Speech
  4. Graduation
  5. Speech from BOD of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, TBK (Mr. Arif Yahya)
  6. Speech from the Coordinator of Private University, Directorate of Higher Education
  7. Reward Session
  8. Closing Ceremony of Senate Meeting Proceeding

The event was took about 4 hours and the longest part is the Graduation procession. Because the protocol have to call the graduated students by their name and one by one. Information Department was the last to be called but it wasn't a big deal after all because one of the students was yelling "put in the black box" which is spontaneously answered by the others with "if INF then FORMAT do TIKA, Right!! Informatika The Best Yes!!!". Wow, It was a quite long and also the most narcis yell ever. Despite of that, all of the graduated students were absolutely happy to have this historical moment in their life, unexceptionally me.

Congratulations for you all friends, so long and thanks for all the good things after all these years.



andika said...

oke... congratz bro..
Hope you can reach your dream... be climber!!! Don't be Jobseeker.. hehehe

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