Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Recension : Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY

Yesterday, I've just finish reading "Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY". It is a great book. It was given from my uncle at the SBY Nurussalam Dzikir Council (Majelis Dzikir SBY Nurussalam).

Harus Bisa?! Maybe this is the first book to address how the leadership of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), as The 6th President of Indonesia, really are. It includes many stories and most of them are revealed stories, that is viewed from the nearest seat of President SBY, which is the Writer's position.

In this book, Dr. Dino, who is the writer and the Presidency Speaker, came up with another style of writing leadership book. Because the writer was doing leadership research thorough the President of Indonesia. So, the book was not to proof any theories, it just to discuss leadership using practical approach. As the result, there are so many lesson to be learned about being the President of Indonesia.

Two thumbs up for this book!!! Harus Bisa! Seni Memimpin ala SBY


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