Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Are The Youth of Indonesia

Youth promises is not just a statement or declaration. It is representing how's youth could take part in changing this country faith. It is a symbol of unity and its spirit that's inspired many youth movement to strikes back the colonial of Dutch at that time. Years after that moment, when the President Sukarno, Suharto, and also Abdurahman Wahid was so dictated and somehow they were becoming to disobey the Constitution, the youth was proofing that they were still in the mission of changing agent.

Dear People,
Eighty years ago, the youth congress was held. This is a historical moment of our country, our nation, and of course our faith. It was a moment that is never the last to remember in our country history. Because it was a milestone for the unity of Indonesia, that we are now live in The Nation of One Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Surely, it was started from the 1928Th youth congress.

The phenomenal youth promise was resulted on the second youth congress, in 1928. This promise contained 3 points of declaration which are:

  • PERTAMA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mengakoe Bertoempah Darah Jang Satoe, Tanah Indonesia.
  • KEDOEA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mengakoe Berbangsa Jang Satoe, Bangsa Indonesia.
  • KETIGA. Kami Poetera dan Poeteri Indonesia, Mendjoendjoeng Bahasa Persatoean, Bahasa Indonesia.
The participant of the Second Youth Congress were coming from many youth organization that were existed at that time such as Jong Java, Jong Ambon, Jong Celebes, Jong Batak, Jong Sumatranen Bond, Jong Islamieten Bond, PPI, etc. Beside them, the Chinese Youth were also came to this congress as an independent representative.

Dear People
Right now, the challenges that we face on are quite complicated. So do the President Yudhoyono speak on the same tone, especially for the hits of global crisis. What could we do? Indonesia is in the middle of the crisis. We couldn't run away, we could only hope for the worst and expect for nothing. Hope for the worst is to prepare our self. Whereas expect for nothing, is to make us not to expect anything. So when the bad things happened, the world would not over yet and we still could thanks to God while the good things are also happened in our country.

What do we need right now to help this Country out of the crisis? While the government is making many solution (whether it was effective or not), the people should be in the government side to support their policy. So do the politician, business practitioner, and also economist should control the statement. Because, it isn't your time for talking. Every element has to do a hard work right now by firstly defining their own role in this social living. This is also for the youth. Sometimes the youth like to yell on the road for people and kicking the fence of governor building. But sometimes the youth should do something different and useful with any research, journal, etc. that would become the prototype for any nowadays problems. Lets get the spirit of youth and don't let them sleep again.

Youth promises, please stay in history of Indonesia


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