Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beginner's Talk

Doing your own business is not less interesting than to work at a company. There are challenges that we may get in the way to reach success. Something that would make you do a lot of effort to survive from giving up sometimes as you're in debt, lack of money, or growing your businesses so slow. As the result, you have to face it patiently and fix the problems.

These two things, fixing the problem and being patient, are important in doing businesses. Fixing the problems says that you have to know the problems firstly, break them into sets of small problems, and then fix it problem by problem. The second thing is being patient. Why it's important to us, because it will teach us how life is for businesses. When you're not in a successful job, when your result is not too well while you have try so hard, or maybe when you're in financial problems. At these time, you have to face your life with patient. Because that's the one and only way for you to walk on. Along with your effort to fix your problems.

Beside that, luck is also include in businesses. Even some people believe that luck is the factor of success. Because there are rules where stupid person is defeated by clever person, clever person is defeated by smart person, and the last one is smart person is defeated by lucky person. So, as the result, if we want to success in our businesses we have to be that lucky person. But how to make it? There's no absolute answer. But you may believe, that as long as you are doing many good things to others, you will find the way where that lucky person walk on.

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